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Discussion in 'Waterfowling' started by Labber, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Labber

    Labber Member

    Would it be correct to say that east winds drop the water levels, and West winds raise them on the inner bay?
    Do North & South winds impact water levels significantly?
  2. kicks

    kicks Well-Known Member

    hard west wind today and the water was as high as it has been for along time . i was out of the marsh before noon but talking to the guys late in the day the water went out fast .
    the best comparison is to think about the inner bay like a bath tub when the water gets pushed to one end eventually it sloshes back

  3. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    Seiches are periodic oscillations of water level set in motion by some atmospheric disturbance passing over a Great Lake. The disturbances that cause seiches include the rapid changes in atmospheric pressure with the passage of low or high pressure weather systems, rapidly-moving weather fronts, and major shifts in the directions of strong winds. Seiches exist on the Great Lakes, other large, confined water bodies, and on partially-enclosed arms of the sea.

    The intervals (or periods) between seiche peaks on the Great Lakes range from minutes to more than eight hours. One or more seiches following a storm surge may cause repeated flooding of low-lying property. Small seiches (less than a foot high) are an everyday occurrence on the Great Lakes.

    Hi guys ! A small bit of info I found at the University of Wisconson Coastal Hazard page.
  4. sonnyuphi

    sonnyuphi Well-Known Member

    Say brother ,if only you had applied yourself like that at school in your younger years we would be calling you Dr. OCLP!!
  5. kicks

    kicks Well-Known Member

    those are alot of big words that realy mean water sloshing around in a bath tub LOL

  6. Old Cut LongPointer

    Old Cut LongPointer Well-Known Member

    I don't know Labber personally but he seems to have asked an intelligent question and thus was deserving of an intelligent answer.

    As for Kicks "bathtub" analogy being true but rather basic it was obviously aimed at those who may have suffered brain damage while playing university football........right Bro ?
  7. Labber

    Labber Member

    Thanks for your replies.
    All very helpful
    I expect the wind today would be an issue!

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