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Discussion in 'Waterfowling' started by kicks, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. kicks

    kicks Well-Known Member

    $100.00 woodduck today real old bird no green paint left on the reward band

  2. Donald

    Donald Well-Known Member

    Ya u should give me half since my dog found it for you while I was at work. Only seems fair
  3. kicks

    kicks Well-Known Member

    whatever landed right in the water !!! after one heck of a smash from 55 yards up totaly plucked the entire breast
    all kidding aside your dog worked great today had a great shoot with your dad 12 birds lots of greenheads and a sky carp
    the only draw back was that paul and lenny finished about an hour and half sooner

  4. Pumper

    Pumper Member

    Way to go Glenn,the C note will help towards the Molson EX bill.
    sounds like you had a good shoot with Howard the Duck.
    Pumper Ron
  5. kicks

    kicks Well-Known Member

    ya great shoot with howard the duck and you are more than welcome to share the export
    hope your leg is feeling better

  6. ajduck

    ajduck New Member

    That $100 is for a duck in mint condition.
    The one you showed me had a LOT of miles on it.
    That, plus the fact that a lot of feathers were missing and there were holes in the bodywork would suggest its real value to be about $18-$22 tops.:D

  7. kicks

    kicks Well-Known Member

    good wind today great shoot 2 more bands LOL
    highest i have seen the water since the summer


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