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ice ice baby!

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by fshrgrl, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. fshrgrl

    fshrgrl Well-Known Member

    get ready boys the ice is forming fast and furious!

    FRANKIE Well-Known Member

    Woo-Hoo!!!!! The sooner the better, be nice to get out during our Christmas holiday week off!!
  3. Stick

    Stick Well-Known Member

    Just as long as the flowing water doesn't harden up with the bay!


    As the Sun breaks above the ground
    An old man stands on the hill
    As the ground warms to the first rays of light
    A birdsong shatters the still

    His eyes are ablaze
    See the madman in his gaze
  4. SRT8

    SRT8 Well-Known Member

    It's getting there stick.

  5. Walleye

    Walleye Well-Known Member

    Hi all.
    I guess the usual caveat should apply as the ice forms.
    There is no such thing as safe ice.
    Let somebody else be the test pilot and even then be carefull.
    I can wait but I am getting excited to get the ice gear out.
    All the best, Clark

    FRANKIE Well-Known Member

    For sure, Clark. No fish is worth your life!
    We'll keep an eye on Jimmy/Sherman's and Grangers for when they start putting huts out. All are reputable, and, wouldn't endanger any of their customers lives. I'm sure early ice would be awesome for them as well, some extra business to be had during that Christmas break.
    I have my own hut, now, but it isn't nearly big enough for the better half, myself and three boys...so will probably rent at least once this year.
  7. Walleye

    Walleye Well-Known Member

    Hi all.
    Very good point. Those guys are all pros and know what they are doing. Let them do the homework.
    Cheers, Clark
  8. fshrgrl

    fshrgrl Well-Known Member

    just walk out 20' if you go through you know it's not ready yet...

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