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Ice Cond.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by apps, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. apps

    apps Well-Known Member

    Hey All

    Thinking of taken the ice shack down to St Willy tomorrow is it worth it ? It 's going to get cold again ! Been busy for the last 6 month with the addition on our house , so the jores are done and I get to play now................apps
  2. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    Hey Apps, the ice still should be good out there. When I was out on Sunday there was around 8" of good ice out from st. willys, there is alot of deep snow drifts out there which can be a pain...I bet after today it will be slushy around shore, but that should freeze up quick with the cold temps on the way!
  3. deaker

    deaker Member

    Hey Apps....have fun playing, wish I had some spare time to join ya.
    Good Luck
    Cousin Deaker..
  4. apps

    apps Well-Known Member

    Hey Jwalsh.........Thanks for the info , not many people reporting on the fishing/ice cond. on St. Williams side ! Is no one fishing that side ? I understand the ice blow to the old cut side and they have more but for me it's a shorter drive coming St Thomas !

    Cousin Deaker .........The hut will be there so all you have to do is get the trailer and bike and go , I know you can only go on the weekends and I have to work , but might as well use it , that what it's there for ! I let you know where the key is for it ............apps
  5. Jwalsh

    Jwalsh Well-Known Member

    Apps...There are alot of huts out infront of st. williams now, just the fishing has been slow so thats why there hasnt been to many reports. The ice is good out there now, just have to find the jumbos!
  6. deaker

    deaker Member

    Thanks Apps...Let me know the GPS headings too if you have them..Hope its not like our last trip out there..Remember the copper's giving us a ticket....HA HA HA
  7. apps

    apps Well-Known Member

    Well , are trip taken the hut down wasn't the best trip we ever had , got stuck in a slush pocket going out , didn't see a darn fish , and broke a runner on the hut on the way in . There is 6" -8" of ice but can't get out to far because of pressure crack (about 3/4 - 1 mile)anyway be back down friday to repair hut . I think it will be better in a week or two ! Can only get better form here on out !!!!!!!....................apps
  8. bow_man_1_2_3

    bow_man_1_2_3 Member

    good ice at old cut 6"to 8" fishing is in the tank though caught4 dinks all day
  9. Red Hering

    Red Hering Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update bow_man_1_2_3 too bad though that your day of Fishing was SLOW,(4 dinks all day).I had planned to go out this morning,but with your report and others not reporting good fishing also,I will save the gasoline for more better days of fishing ahead.The fishing should only get better soon,the Fish haved to eat sometime.8D

  10. Jetdog

    Jetdog Active Member

    New to the site. Looks like lot of good info. Thank you for letting me join. One question on the pressure cracks. I have hut booked for saturday at grangers, should I be cancelling the booking and go another day.

    Rob McGahan
  11. addy27

    addy27 Member

    no, you will be in good hands

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