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grangers open friday

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by hunting, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. hunting

    hunting Member

    we had a very large piece of ice that did not blow out six to eight and half inches the open water holes healed over but not very thick if you plan on going fishing ask or see the people at grangers and we will be glad to try and help you we will be open for buisness be carful and causious and good luck
  2. Wabler

    Wabler Member

    Tks for the info hunting. Can u get a quad and a portable to that sheet of ice, or is the shore line where the thin ice is. Would like to come down Sat am if safe enough. TKS
  3. Huron

    Huron Well-Known Member

    Anybody catch anything, better yet any pic's? Hope the day went well for all. Huron
  4. hunting

    hunting Member

    we had two huts yesterday the morning was very slow the afternoon picked up very good 2 guys in one hut 73 fish thanks don 3 guys in the other hut 25 30 fish thanks grangers

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