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got hooked

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by reeldrag, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. reeldrag

    reeldrag Well-Known Member

    i have been hooked on colchester for 4 or 5 years thanks to TROPHYTAKER ,BIGROD and the local talent from the area8D. I have bought a cottage/house in the colchester area so look out walleye [xx(] renos start soon [before the water softens up]

    don't you guys in bruce and long point think you won't here or see me i plan to scare some fish here still:D lol
  2. big rod

    big rod Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the neighbourhood 8D
    Get yourself a wheelbarrow.:D
    Beware of dog @ our place :D

    Big Rod

  3. Stick

    Stick Well-Known Member

    Hey Chip that dog looks mellow now but I bet if someone tried to remve some of the contents from the wheelbarrow or cooler without his consent his dimeener would change big time.


  4. big rod

    big rod Well-Known Member

    Hey Stick,they don't call him "mans best friend" for nothing.:D

    Big Rod

  5. lazyman

    lazyman Well-Known Member

    I betcha "quack" would move him
  6. reeldrag

    reeldrag Well-Known Member

    thanks BR no wheelbarrow for me thats your signature i will find somthing to put fish in
    no worries about the dog i don't drink budweiser lol
  7. apps

    apps Well-Known Member

    Reeldrag..........congrads on the new house/cottage , when is the house/fish warming party............apps

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