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dec 27 oldcut

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by triggerfish, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. triggerfish

    triggerfish Well-Known Member

    2 of us went out of old cut NNW from 9am-4pm and moved once then action was non stop. The dinks outnumbered keepers by about 6-1, but we managed 29 solid keepers - 8.5" and up.
    Most of the bigger perch were caught between 2pm and 4pm til we ran out of minnows. 5' of water, 8" of clear hard ice and could barely see minnows right on bottom.
    Dead stick worked, jigging worked.Started with 2 rods each,but fished most of the afternoon with only 1 rod each.
    It was a fun, tiring as heck day.
    Wind was blowing HARD all day, lots of people out.
    Earliest hard water trip to long point ever
  2. Johny2

    Johny2 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the info,my sleds ready for tomorrow.Did you notice any iffy patches of ice,going out from the oldcut?
  3. stomp

    stomp Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like a great trip! Thx for the report.
  4. triggerfish

    triggerfish Well-Known Member

    when you go out from old cut, to the left in front of point there is an open patch quite large that the ducks are still using. Other than that everything we walked on was solid.
  5. Big Dave

    Big Dave Guest

    It is quite windy here today and that is causing fluctuating water levels. The water is above the ice in the channel behind me. Access to the ice from the Long Point side of the bay is heavily affected by these.

    Be careful on the ice next few days.

  6. tfb4me

    tfb4me New Member

    We were out all day yesterday too! Had a good day. This is my first post on here.I Like this board. Didnt see any water but the ice sure was noisy. with all tht wind and warmer temps comming soon enjoy it while you all can.

    If I cant fix it, Ill fix it so no one else can.....

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