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Colchester perch update 06/11.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by big rod, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. big rod

    big rod Well-Known Member

    Went perchin Sat.Fished solo,there were 0 boats out perchin.Just myself and 7 or 8 commercial tugs stringing nets around Colchester..Fished the helipad it was so so.Fished the mud flat it was lousy.Fished 3/4 mile south of the mile marker and it was non stop for three hours.Caught about 150 perch ,kept 50 .No real big ones but lots of 10-11 inchers.Did not catch anything other than perch.
    Marina is closed and the launch is free.:)
    Big Rod

    big rod
  2. packrat

    packrat Well-Known Member

    Ahh!!! the ol wheelbarrow shot:p Good catch:D

  3. Blastr

    Blastr Well-Known Member Site Sponsor

    nice going.

  4. gobass1

    gobass1 Member

    Nice to see you at the ramp Big Rod,we did really good to.

  5. fishnhunt

    fishnhunt Well-Known Member

    Nice load of perch.
    Anything happening closer to Leamingtion? Colchester is quite a hike for me.
    Who has minnows? I assume that is what you were using.

  6. big rod

    big rod Well-Known Member

    Hey Bruce glad ya did well on the smallmouth.:D
    Don't know nothing about Leamington .I know they were biting as fast as your bait hit the bottom on Sat.There were 7 or 8 commercial guys stringing nets around Colchester.They are only putting there nets out because there are lots of perch there ,not Leamington.The tugs come out of Kingsville so they can turn right or left when they leave the harbour and right now they are turning right towards Colchester.

    big rod
  7. fishnhunt

    fishnhunt Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comeback BR I appreciate it seems I'll have a boat load of kids tomorrow so just want them to get into some fish. Minnows available at?

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