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Any Ice At The Lake

Discussion in 'Waterfowling' started by ship wrecked, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. ship wrecked

    ship wrecked Well-Known Member

    Is she getting hard down at the point?
  2. D.A.L

    D.A.L Active Member

    I'm thinking of going out Sunday, how's little rice looking?

    The park ramp and channel?

    Thanks Don.
  3. rock_o

    rock_o Member

    Interest to know too............
  4. duckman

    duckman Well-Known Member

    nothing now don but there will be some come sunday but u will be able to go through whatever is their.
  5. D.A.L

    D.A.L Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up Mark.
  6. singlemalt

    singlemalt Well-Known Member

    I was out on Saturday and was surprised by how much ice we had to deal with. We had a wonderful day and would love to get in one more shoot next Saturday (I have a reservation). I would appreciate it if anyone who is at the point could update us on ice conditions as the week goes on.
  7. ship wrecked

    ship wrecked Well-Known Member

    hey Cam that pic DS posted doesn't looking good for anyone to shoot any marsh by Sat :(
  8. dhaw

    dhaw New Member

    hey, i know its a little late to expect a response in time, but i was thinking of hunting the unit tomorrow morning, does anyone know how thick the ice is?

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