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#6 or 7 steel shotgun shells

Discussion in 'Shots Fired' started by bassaholic, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. bassaholic

    bassaholic Active Member

    I was hoping to do lots of dove hunting this fall but I'm having no luck at all finding #6 or 7 steel shotgun shells!! I hear it's because of the BS reg requiring steel instead of lead shot, I guess it caught a lot of people (including suppliers) off guard. Everyone else having the same luck as me or is it just my local gun shops??
  2. flightdelay

    flightdelay Member

    Eli's in simcoe had quite a bit when I was there couple weeks ago buying some. Depending on how far you are try it up or Fred's gun repair in Delhi maybe.
  3. Big Dave

    Big Dave Guest

    I bought a case at Elis in Simcoe. Wish I had bought 2 cases....:)
  4. bassaholic

    bassaholic Active Member

    Thx for the help guys, all shops from Rodney to Tillsonburg are out and no idea of anymore coming in!! I'll give those places a call Mon. If anyone has any they'd like to get rid I'll definitely buy them :)

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