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2010 Fishing Season on You-Tube.....

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by big rod, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. big rod

    big rod Well-Known Member

    Big Rod

    big rod
  2. Fishaholic

    Fishaholic Well-Known Member

    Nice video Chip! And congrats on the launch of your business. It's great that you can share your love of fishing and some of the wealth of fishing knowledge that you have with others. Tell Dana good job on the website too!(Perhaps another business opportunity ???)


    " Never mind if the horses are blind, just load the damn wagon"
  3. Red Hering

    Red Hering Well-Known Member

    I also enjoyed your video big rod.Well Done!I have never fished in that part of Ontario,except Lake St. Clair,out of Mitchell`s Bay a half a dozen times,back a few year`s ago.,but never the Detoit River & the Colchester area.Maybe next year.Good Luck on your new Business,with all the fishing report`s that I have read from your post`s over the year`s,your new business should take right off,you love what you do,& that is Fishing;)All The Best.

  4. reeldrag

    reeldrag Well-Known Member

    nice big rod brings back some good and bad memorys . best picture show yet good luck on the new venture see you in the spring
  5. Goose Egg

    Goose Egg Well-Known Member

    nice work Rod ---- I am booking one of the places in colchester for spring right now --- if you were to pick two weeks to be in the colchester area for fishing ---- which ones would you select ---- and are you booking up quickly for spring runs
  6. big rod

    big rod Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ken, RH and Reeldrag!
    @Goose Egg...best 2 weeks would likely be right after May 24 long weekend. And yes, I still have some openings for the spring.

    Big Rod


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