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New Profile Posts

  1. Fish Whisperer
    Fish Whisperer Fishing Pal
    Interested in getting table for charter business how much
  2. gforce
    gforce cutty
    I put hornady superformce slugs through mine. They where the only ones i could get a good group with
  3. CDNduckslayer
    CDNduckslayer Tcat
    Hey tom, how's it going?

    The 4" moonshine spoons u are using are they copper back?? I could only see copper in the 3". Also are u using the regular or the RV model??? Think I'm going to order some to a buddies US mailbox.

    It's been a crazy year down there, out 8 times full boat limits every time!! Started at leamington now fishing burwell. Out this morning, bit lumpy but the fish wer hungry!!

  4. Jwalsh
    Jwalsh fishstalker
    hey i know who is in the boat, but pretty sure hes native. can you send me the pic?
  5. Lonewolf
  6. DarkKnight
    Out perching
  7. Princecraft175
    Princecraft175 Puddle Jumper
    Hey there, my name is Mike from st Thomas, looking to go out on Tuesday but need to find a couple others..
    Text mev226-926-7487
  8. KiaTech
    Thats why they call it Fishing and Not Catching!
  9. SkullyC
    SkullyC Mudcat
    Morning Mudcat, on the heddon lures it would depend on condition and size, there is ones that are about an inch and the larger ones are about two inches. They are vintage but I still use them fishing for smallmouth and im down to my last 3, lost several this year unfortunately.
    Anywhere from 15-20 bucks per lure would be my guess? If you have some send me some pics if you have time, thanks
    1. Mudcat
      Let me dig thru my bass stuff and I will let you know.
      Jul 5, 2017
  10. fishonfreddy
    fishonfreddy SpennyFish
    Nice fish
    1. SpennyFish likes this.
  11. Reddog
    Happy anniversary to you and Cindy!! Yes it was a nice day but the pike were not very cooperative :( Enjoy your trip in Quebec.
  12. critterking
    critterking Reel Therapy
    If your ever looking for someone to go out let me know 5194278437 shoot me a text thanks Eric
    1. Reel Therapy likes this.
  13. Gumper1414
    Gumper1414 Reddog
    Hey, I'm in Quebec on an anniversary trip! Hope your getting out today? Looks like Mother Nature is cooperating with southern Ontario!! Chad's grounded so I'm hoping someone takes advantage of the low winds!!
  14. DarkKnight
    Living life
  15. Outcast
    Outcast frenchy
    Hitting Maitland tomorrow
    1. frenchy
      How did you make out
      May 28, 2017
  16. BallEye2
    BallEye2 zzguffy901
    Did you get the info. you were looking for on Horwood? If needing more feel free to shoot me a message. I have been to the Outpost many times ....and frankly....wouldn't go anywhere else.
  17. LakeErieBait
    Boat Ramp at Big Otter Marina in Port Burwell is open and minnows are available!
  18. Reddog
    Reddog monty smith
    Hi Monty. Can you give me a call please. 519-788-0022 Thanks Cliff
  19. F Kempf
    F Kempf wads44
    HI, could I get a few pictures of the survival suit?? Also what condition is the the ice shelter. New or used ect .
    Thanks Frank
  20. Duckman55
    Duckman55 Lpgar
    Morning: looking for a Winchester Waterfowler 101 , seen you had sold one .