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Welcome to the Point! 

This site contains information about Long Point, Ontario, Canada. Long Point is a sand spit jutting some 20 miles into Lake Erie. The Point and its surrounding waters offer much to both angler and recreational boater. This site focuses on topics that may be of interest to people who enjoy these pursuits. However, other information about Long Point can be found (or reached) from here.  Check the site out for GPS waypoints, fishing  reports and boating information relating to this ideal spot on Lake Erie's Canadian shore.

Stomp has been plying the waters of Long Point Bay for over 25 years in his family's 1979, 19.5 ft. Crestliner "Crusader" runabout.  He should know more than he does about finding the Bay's fish and avoiding its sandbars.  He runs this site with the hope that others will share their fishing secrets and navigational knowledge. 

Duck hunters and goose hunters, see www.longpoint.on.ca/lpwa, the Long Point Waterfowlers' Association web site.

If you're interested in checking out Stomp's plasma HDTV home theater, see www.longpoint.on.ca/bigscreen.

I hope you enjoy your visit. 

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