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Hey Tom. Wife and I are headed back to Burwell Wednesday. Do you still have channel 86 stickers? If so will you save me a couple.
Thanks Ron
Good morning Triggerfish. I out of Ontario this week for week so I apologize for late response. I've had a few PM's about these knives from people wanting them. Best thing to do is text me over the weekend and see if they are still available. If they are I would take 70 bucks. I have to honor the first callers first. My text # 510-635-6448
Will take the lcx 37 if its working good.
it sold fast, if he doesnt pick it up tonight ill message you.
Hi Paul,

I bought one from you with two years ago and we meet at the Canadian Tire do you remember?

I think it was $475 with a bushnell scope will you able to do the same with this one (don't need the second set of stock)?


The thread you responded to last time:
Hello Fish Farmer will you be fishing the derby tomorrow in P.D.
Fish Farmer
Fish Farmer
Yes myself and a few other buddys will pe fishing the pier I hope, but with this wind it will be a challenge.
May have to fish up near the lift bridge. Lets hope theres a few Perch around for the derby.
It’s my Birthday 🎂 Today!! Happy birthday 🥳 to me!! lol 😂 🚤🎣🐟o_O👍
Red Hering
Red Hering
It’s O.K. @stomp :rolleyes:;) BUT!! don’t forget my Birthday 🎂 next year on April 26,2020,(also the opening of trout season),when I turn 65 years young,and I will be collecting my first Old Age Pension.”Hooray!” more gas money to go on fishing trip’s!! 🎣LOL :ROFLMAO: Thanks again for your birthday wish my friend & please keep in touch & talk soon. 👊;)👍😊
I just posed pictures on line in the classified section. The boat is parked in front of my cottage on Long Point. Send me a PM with your email and I will send you more detail and the location if you are still interested.
That would be great . E-mail is . Know Long Point well as I have lived in Simcoe for 40 years . Thanks again

Looked at the pics and would be very interested in the boat . What length is it ? I would like to come see it tonight or early tomorrow morning if possible so please let me know the address . Thanks again
It is listed by StarCraft as a 16' but I beleive it measures as a few inches longer. It is in front of my cottage which is at 5 Warbler (just off Teal Ave on Long Point). I think I will be back down there on Thursday if you want to meet and have a closer look.
I will offer 100 bucks for both. I prefer the old steel ones but one must get with the times.... yes ? Reason is the plastic ones take up more floor space in a duck boat.