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could use a little more rain to bring a few more in. water is pretty clear and low. I was there yesterday & got a few. If you see a white Ram truck parked on the otter, that's likely me. Any other fishermen down there? I had the place to myself yesterday. Peter
its getting to be that time of year again. need to schedule a bottom wash any time after thanks giving. contact me to set up a time
Hi there! Whenever your ready bring it down. You can call Greg’s cell 519-630-4881. Thank you!
double up the tinfoil shiny side in
stuff the bow swiss chard cherry tomatoes onion celery etc salt pepper /celerysalt lemon pepper
seal tight
on med high heat size /time say 5/6 pound I usually go ten min a side skin sticks to foil flesh stuffing
should lift off the remove bone enjoy other half of flesh
double foil seal tight seams to work
Have been watching your many valuable posts. New to the area in the past year and having some difficulty locating perch in the Long Point area. Any chance I could get some info out of Turkey Point. Thanks
I'll take your 12ga ammo if you haven't made a deal on it already....I'm in Brantford every day and can pick it up at your convenience.

Greg McAlpine
(519) 861-0825
if it is still available?l am in pt. bruce,can take it this weekend-cash!!!!,your best price!!!
Lol the motor or the mask
Monty : Can you shoot me some pics of the furniture before you head to the shop . I'm coming up there after lunch and would like to show the wife before we go . My email is . See you Sat. Thanks magnum
monty smith
Sorry just got on computer don't know how to send pictures . Still have it my number is 519-759-7578 ,BEEN BUSY MOVEING IN NEW HOSE NOW.
Still have your Larson for sale? Any more pics available of cuddy? If still for sale - is a look see possible?