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wanted riffle


Hey Brock

I'm going to sell my .243. It's a Remington model seven with a decent 3x9 Bushnell scope on it with a really nice leather sling. The Gun is in great shape and hardly gets used. I would let it go for $700.00 . Brand new for the same setup you're looking at about $1200.00. If you,re interested give me a shout (519) 539-2802. We should hook up for a pint sometime and maybe get down for some perch when the lake freezes.



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Check out Frontier Arms! I bought a 270 scoped slinged Savage from them shipped right to my door. They have the Savage Synthetic 11FXCP 243 for $459 free shipping (they charge 13% HST for Ont.) I have that same rifle in both 270 and 300 Win. Mag and you can't go wrong for the price (and new!)


Fred's in Delhi has the same deals on those Savage packages, with scope, and I think he is selling them for 439.

Decent package, I probably would've bought one myself, save for the fact Im a lefty and cant use a righty bolt.


Fred's is a great place to buy guns and he almost always has the best deals or will price match. $439.00 is an awesome price to get yourself into the game.


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This Fred person have a web page to list his services? Does he do gun smithing? Only have one place in london
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