Wanted - fishing crew out of Port Bruce

Josh Roelofsen

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I'd fish with you but....

- despite being an avid fisherman and fishing often I can't spend much time fishing around grumpy people

- I would insist on bringing my own equipment of which I have plenty and its probably nicer than yours

- I can steer a boat in a straight line but would rather troll in a zig zag pattern to add action to my lures

- I take my time setting downriggers and Dipseys as I'm not in a hurry to enjoy my day

- I would probably come of as argumentive to you being you seem crusty AF

- I definitely fish leadcore and would be putting one out the chute or clipping it to a board while you were busy searching for you lighter

- smoking cigarettes is a disgusting habit

- I'm 6'6" and 270 so I guess there's no room around your console anyway

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I'll take out company anytime

Heres my rules

1. You like to fish. If you don't thats OK, you still have to pay for gas.

2. Dont ask to steer the boat...thats my chair, and you're probably too fat to fit in it anyways. Sit on the cooler.

3. I hope you know how to set up riggers and dipsies and leadcore and boards and divers cause I havnt figured any of this shit out

4. Fat people are OK but you use too much of my sunscreen so bring your own...and you have to sit on the cooler

5. I have all the rods, reels, etc. Rental rates are posted below

6. You can use my crappy lures but if you loose one you swim

7. We are a lead free boat...too much weight with all the fat people on board

8. 90 hp Yamaha 2 cycle, Honda 6hp 4 cycle. No top, and I usually don't wear bottoms either
Smoking is encouraged to keep the flies off the fish and the sunscreened crew


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I can vouch for autopilot being the best pilot out there, it steers my boat way straighter then anyone... including me!
The only problem is I can still only keep 6 eyes and 5 bows... and I can only fish with two rods....
the AP don't have no fishing license!

People are funny you know, I bring a guy out with me sometimes, split the take equally, even if we do not limit out. Not once has he offered to pay for the gas or the launch... we go way back so I don't care much but damn if the tables were turned... I would offer, and if it was declined I'd show up with a case of beer the next time we went. Different strokes I guess.
A good dependable crew is hard to find. But unless you just want bodies in the boat you are gonna have to lighten up just a bit...
Till then get AP installed, its much less expensive then you think especially if you DIY it like I did.


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I suggest again.. to go out by yourself Mike and run your 2 rods and catch your first 6 pics..I was out off Erieau Pt yesterday and landed 12 pics...6 nice pics went in the box..
nothing wrong with fishing solo and enjoying the day on the water...I fish when and where I want..feel the freedom my friend..


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I’m sitting here babysitting a 4 month old.....trying not to wake her but I started laughing at Lig8tr’s post so hard I woke the kid up!!! Now I got to bottle and burp her and it is all HIS fault. I just hope the diaper is clean or I am sending him the bill.


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Wow, this one post is an entire week's set of jokes and verbal abuse of a fishing trip up north with not one black fly or mosquito bite! I thought I was set in my ways and made too much fun of others and myself, looks like I have some upgrading to do. Well played all!

fishing girl pink

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Best of luck finding someone
In my experience it took years to find a few fishing partners that I get along with
Shows up on set times, not drunk or overhang from night before ,ect
My best fishing partner is my Wife
Only thing I'm trying to change that I catch more fish than she does, so far that has not been the case 🙄
I out fish my hubby all the time I tell him where to go and ask all the time how fast are we going lol but wouldn't change a day out fishing for anything btw I hate driving the boat can't keep it straight so I wouldn't be good person for this person lol