Planer Boards - RENT, BORROW or BUY


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Heading to Western Erie Saturday - South Shore Marina - chasing eyes for a week. I have a double planer board mast that came with my boat but have never had the large double planer boards - and figured I want to give them a run next week. I was out looking for collapsible Double Planer boards today - (Walker or similar) and was not able to find. I have a pair of off shore boards but interested in giving the big double boards a run.

Just asking - anybody have a pair they are looking to sell or would you be willing to borrow or rent them out for a week?

Your consideration is much appreciated.



I’ve got a set of homemade boards. I just replaced them with big Jon otter boards. Message me if interested.


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I’ve got a brand new set sitting in the rafters of the shed. If you are anywhere near Stratford feel free to borrow them for your trip.


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I have a pair of double boards that I could lend to you as well. Hamilton area.