Painting an NK28 spoon

I want to paint the inside of some NK28 spoons (copper) but there is a plastic film on the spoon. I have tried heat, wire wheel, and several solvents to no avail. I would appreciate any help solving this problem.Thanks
I bought a number of copper spoons from Bill's Bait in Hamilton, but you should see how many salmon spoons I have that I don't use anymore. Thought I would try to recycle them now that I am hooked on walleye. By the way, I am probably what a number of you would call a lurker, in that I have watched this site for a number of years. What a great site with so many great sounding, honest people. It is a pleasure each day to log on and follow what is going on. This is only my second post ever on any site, and I am 75. I don't think I have ever read a post on here that withheld information, or tried to be "mysterious" with their answer. Recommended this site to a number of people.................great job keeping this site at this quality.


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Welcome and you are correct in that the members of this site are so giving in information advice etc. Also get some hilarious posts at times. Enjoy

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Once upon a time there was a member who may have withheld vital information such as intent and possibly gender..... I agree with Josh and use them as is. I found some old salmon spoons and have had good luck with them this year. I swapped out the single hook for a treble & the walleye didn't care it was silver instead of copper or gold back. But if you feel guilty not being honest with the walleyes just hand bomb a sharpie note on the silver back "identifies as copper" and you sir, got yer self a custom trans colour lure (y)
Thanks for the advice gentlemen. It sounds like I just need more confidence in trying old tackle instead of switching them off in ten minutes. Maybe I can wait until next year and see if I still want to paint my salmon spoons.:)


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Not disputing the others who say fish them as-is, but I've never seen a paint, coating or otherwise that sandpaper wouldn't remove. Personally I'd just buy the spoon I want, but if I really wanted to paint my own I'd put a sanding drum on the dremel - you'll be at bare metal in no time. The plastic might gum it up but they are cheap.


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Light wire wheel on a desk mount grinder unit, followed with the buffing wheel on the other side of grinder to shine them up. Following that I hand the NK28's off to my 9 year old daughter. A vast collection of dollar store nail polish is applied at this station. I try and provide some idea of what I am looking for, but they all tend to come out.......well........ unique! The attached pic shows my best producing lure of this walleye season on Erie. This particular one beat out anything I purchased new.


Thanks FisherPrice! I tried the fine wire wheel, but it only seemed to smear the plastic film, and not take it off. It may be because I had already applied lacquer thinners to see if I could dissolve it and all it seemed to do was make it tacky. I will try again with a different spoon. I will also try the dremel suggested by anonymoose. Surely one of those methods have to work. Nail polish! What a great idea. I had been looking at automotive paints, and was ready to spend some cash, but the nail polish sounds and looks like a great idea. Thanks for taking the time to respond to this post...........much appreciated.