Fishing Report June 29 Port Glasgow


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First day of a week to fish every day! On the water at 7.00, lines in at 7.45 in 65fow, started trolling towards 70fow per reports from previous day. It was very slow the first 3 hours, then we started picking up a few. We worked the 68-70fow straight South from the port. Then it was really good around lunchtime. Got 6 eyes and 1 bow until about 2.30 when we decided to troll to the Port. Picked up another 4 from 68 to 45fow. They must be all over the place. Ended up 10 eyes and 1 bow. Thanks to the person who shared Over the radio the winning combination: silver and black / silver and blue 35-40’ deep. Great start!



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Our friends’ son. He loved it. With COVID cancelling all sports, it was a lot of excitement for him. On Lake Ontario now, Going back To Glasgow tomorrow. We are so lucky to have all these options.
let us know how you made out on L.O. were do you go out of on Ontario?


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We put in at Fishermen’s Pier at 7.00. It was nice and organizes. Off the water at 3.00pm, it was a zoo with lots of recreational boaters, tens of them. We got skunked... Maybe 100 boats in front of Bronte, could see a few reeling fish in... I Must have done something wrong.... tried anything from 35’ to 80’ on riggers, dipseys from 60’ to 150’... 5 -10 colours.... flies, spoons, body baits... only thing is with my boat I can only control the speed down to 2.5. Maybe too fast? Anyway, a great day on the water, great swim at the end, water was 73F at the surface. Looking for some suggestions, might try one more time over the weekend.
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