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Second hand new's, so take it as that, but did find it interesting? even as here say goes?? Buddy that own's a restaurant, picks up his perch wholesale directly, think Pt.S. Has for yrs?
He was down getting his fish and shooting the shit with the fishermen, they said they were quoted out but working for another boat that had 11000lbs left? And I get that, for their business, equ. has to be working. Said they did 2 pulls, I don't know if that means nets or troll, 3500 lbs per pull and hoped to be done tomorrow am, all large size perch.
Just curious, is this a fish story, and if not? were are they all summer??

Josh Roelofsen

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I don't doubt the story at all. There's still plenty of perch in the lake! They use set nets for perch, no trawling. The only trawling on Erie is for smelt 😉