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Can someone post a link to the facebook page associated with the Unit/LPWA (I can't seem to find it anymore?). Thanks in advance


Pretty sure it was deactivated last week by the moderator.

I have no idea, but it was there in morning and gone in the afternoon.
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No need for a Facebook page to draw more unwanted attention to the unit , 899 member prior to the incidents that unfolded. Had a few positives having the page but in the end we don’t have 900 people who actively give 2 shits about the unit so there is no need to publicize it more then needed.


It’s definitely a double edged sword.

I’ve been hunting long point for 9 years (I’m still a rookie) but for the first five that was with my father who was a grizzled vet of +/- 45 years. Unfortunately his health deteriaorted a couple years after introducing me to hunting the “unit” and recently passed away. He was still a great resource for me as I tried to learn the ways without him being by my side when I was doing walk-ins and then upgraded to a canoe.

I too am not (was not) a Facebook user until someone at the office told me that someone setup a page specific to LP. I created an account after holding out for 20+ years for the sole purpose to gain more information about LP and get some tips from like minded hunters who have lived it. It was great for that, but as anything on the internet, can do more harm then good.

Channel 68 was introduced to me by my dad back in the day and I signed up in 2019 after lurking for years. It’s a great resource and man can you waste a lot of time (hours) reading old threads about the “line-up”.

Whomever runs this (Stomp), it’s appreciated!


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people at the unit are more than happy to help. Come down meet people build relationships and people will give you tips and advice. Asking over the net will yield very little help.

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Au contraire Quacker Smacker ! Stomps Long Point Page has helped countless numbers get answers to their questions, whether it be fishing or hunting or boat related or whatever. True that the guys running the Unit are very helpful and hunters being hunters will always have advice to offer not everyone has the time or capacity to hang out at The Unit so this Waterfowl Forum is a handy tool to use. Why the LPWA isn't associated with this Forum anymore is such a loss not only to members or visitors here but LPWA members also.
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