Custom Ripplin Redfins

Fish Farmer

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By looking at everyones post on colors, every color works if you get it in the face of the fish and find the hungry ones. I think I'll stick with the harness, by looking at the missed strikes with a wobbling bait. verses the spinning and not wobbling of a harness, the hook stays permanent.
Now jigging and drifting being more fun, drifting with a harness will out do drifting a spoon or body bait.
But that's my theory, but I've be none to being wrong :unsure: :D:D👍
Nothing like catching Erie Walleye on a 6' to 7' spinning rod drifting, plus you get to stay on the lake longer.👍👍


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Has anyone heard of and used Captain Jays Blade Bait? Have read they are killer for jigging spring walleye. Doesn't look like they are available in Canada - you have to order direct from the guy that makes them and/or a couple of shops in the U S carry them. He has a FB page and or follow google links to Domka Outdoors. Thinking of ordering some - just curious as to whether or not anyone has used. Would like to be able to find a school deep and see if I can't jig some up.


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I don't use captain jays blades,, but I do use reef runner cicadas,, basicly the same thing.. I use them on shallow reefs surrounded by deeper water in the summer for something different to trolling