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Went out this afternoon for a walk on the back 40 to the trail cams .. its been a while since I swapped cards out . One is down the creek a way and when the one feeder creek is high to the main creek I cant make it over . Walking to the point where they meet I started to notice an abundance of coyote droppings and then more deer hair internals and well
….. that doe met a grizzzley death …. checking the trail cam cards they had a frenzy on the 6th of December … at 9 pm at night ...checking the cam I have a doe sitting like a dog in front of the cam … most likely hit ...injured ...shot... and easy pickings .... coyote problem or circle of life.... what a brutal way to go . But makes for a great site to set up a blind and thin out the coyote population as we have so many in our area...… WGI_0042.JPG
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When we moose hunt you know there are moose in the area if there are wolves. Its the food chain. No wolves around, likely no moose either. Same in S.Ontario. We have a massive deer population, but with it comes an increase in our case yotes.
Its to the point now that I never let a deer lay overnight if it was a marginal shot. I get right on the trail or the deer is lost to the yotes--I've lost 3 in the last years.
You're spot on when you say a brutal way to go. I don't think there is a good way for a deer to meet its end...old and starve, sick and starve, freeze to death...but likely the yotes or wolves get to you 1st. An arrow or a bullet is the most humane death in the wild


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I guess its like everything in conservation … Less rabbits more coyotes …lame deer easy pickings ….cats small dogs ect … I have left for work in the morning and seen them on the street … most likely waiting for fluffy the cat to be let out to get a quick meal ….More brazzin they get... as there is less aggression against hunting coyotes as less and less people bring there kids up these days to hunt … shoot...ect …. I shake my head as neighbours see me loading up my truck.... gun case … Crossbow ... whatever and think that you are barbaric redneck but as soon as they here them yelping after a kill on a summer night in the distance... you here them say someone should do something ….. guess ill keep to my ways and eliminate some in the coming months...……(+)


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I don't know, shoot them or let them territories them selves? I live in a large bush slot in SWO. Somebody about a yr ago linked a Ministry comment referring to home territory vs culling?
I let a local group go threw here all winter, they do well, and glad to see them.
There group seem's to have fallen apart over the last couple of yrs .not my business
Just saying, couple of yr without yote hunting, I don't see a difference,


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I've been out scouting and looking for scat and dens on the property .Scat every where so they are near. Set up a nice area.... half way up a hill ...flat open area in front … to the left 200 yrds …. in front 100yrds … the forest and hill in front … and the sun to my back …. looks like a prime set up … Had the call out … used injured cotton tail on half volume 3min ….then waited 15 min and then lost kitten … turned the volume up to 3/4 and stayed bunkered in for 3hrs no sign .. I think they are not starving as no cold and snow to make them burn up energy and hunt for food … here are some shots of there activity at the kill they made …..



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thanks for sharing @Edmcl ...ya it doesn't look like there starving..healthy looking..

I found this interesting track below scouting deer before the controlled hunt...right on the heels of 4 deer feeding overnight on a fairly remote cut bean field..

its not a first thought was a very large dog..but not sure

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Out by Clear Creek we saw one coyote during November hunt. Couldn't get a good shot at him. I have not seen a deer or a yote or a turkey or a bunny since then. Maybe find some sign now that we got a bit of snow ?
I've allowed the local group of yote hunter's threw here for yrs, kinda old school, shoot them and save the deer, calves, sheep and chickens?
Just saying, missed the local iron lunger bush walking crew, for the past few yrs, but didn't see any diff in yote pop?? Seem's there's always a home range pop that police themselves, between dog and myself, have lost only a few poultry over a couple of decades, but nothing much, and have no prob reminding yotes of my turf??
Hope the local yote group is back next weekend , and may join in, so before the shoot em all crew chimes in, just wonder what other's are, have experienced?