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Below are some things to note regarding the Classifieds section. First and foremost, Stompsoft takes no responsibility for any dealings that take place via the Classifieds section. Please take the usual precautions when buying and selling via the Internet. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you ask for bills of sale, proof of ownership, warranty, etc., depending on the item and its value. Please consider Kijiji's safety guildelines as a model for how you transact business online.

How to use:
  • The rules around editing your own threads and posts have been relaxed for this section of the forum. You can now edit your own content.
  • When posting and editing classified threads, please consider use of the "Prefix" option to decorate your post with an identifier describing its intent; e.g. "For Sale".
  • If you complete a sale, please consider changing the ad's prefix to "Sold" and leaving the ad up for a couple of days as a courtesy to those who may have been interested in purchasing your item(s).​
Classifieds are meant to be:
  • a perk for members who regularly contribute to 6-8 forum content in the site's other sections
  • a vehicle whereby members can exchange hunting and fishing gear, and related items, with other members for their mutual benefit

Classifieds are NOT meant to be:
  • a place where commercial enterprises can freely advertise their goods and services. If you have a business and want to use the Classifieds section, please contact me at to see if there is a fit.
  • an extension of Kijiji for those who appear to have come to Channel 6-8 solely to sell their goods to the fine upstanding members of this forum. If you are in this category, you are still welcome to participate but only if you sponsor or otherwise contribute to Channel 6-8. I don't consider it a service to the general membership to provide a free marketplace for those looking to sell things to the 6-8 audience. I am considering analyzing Classified usage and assigning a "Lamprey" badge to members who are operating this way.
  • a place to transact stolen goods/items - see above safety precautions.

Thank you for you attention if you managed to read this far.

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" Lamprey badge " cant wait to see that.. 👍
Maybe that was a little harsh @fireram. I hadn't made the rules clear enough. However, more than a few have been using the Classifieds routinely to sell things, perhaps as a source of extra income and without contributing elsewhere on the site. When I started accepting donations, there wasn't a rush by those in this category to help fund the site that has been putting money in their pockets.


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Nope,, not harsh at all,,
Ebay was once good, real people selling their stuff, then it became a retail site. More buy it now than auctions.
Kijiji is now more paid ads or people using it for their business, many having hundreds of ads
All becoming a version of Amazon really.

Remember the Tri - Ad paper ?? Bring that back please...

Leech or mooch may be harsh,, but Lamprey is just funny, and forum topic appropriate.


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I would like to post in the classifieds. It says i dont have access to post. What do i have to do to be able to post in the classified. Thanks
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