About Classified Fraud!

Just a reminder guys! There are many individuls out there trying to scam us out of our property. People who inquire about your ad may not be who they say they are. I have had offers to pay for my boat and then rebate the buyer back cash. I had an offers to buy the boat sight unseen for asking price on the condition the buyer can do a lien check. I have no problem with that, but they wanted my birth date sin# full name etc. (identity theft). Turns out once I said I would do the lien check and supply it upon payment in full by certified check or a bank draft. I never heard from him again. Further investigation, I find out the potential buyer was posing as someone else. If it seems to good to be true, or too easy, be suspicious. Alway ask for ID ( photo copy it if you can) don't be afraid to phone the bank the check is drawn on and confirm it has not be altered or stolen. There is lots of this going on. They hunt these sites for potential victims. Be smart. I have been approached no less than 8 times now. But I still have my boat and it is better not to be sold, than rush into something and get ripped off. Once it leaves your sight, you are #*$^ed. Better to be safe than sorry.


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Hey Northener,
You also have to watch when taking a bank certified cheque. Who would not accept one of these as payment?
Seems a guy will call you about buying your car/boat. Come to your house and check it out. Say he is leaving to get a certified cheque. The guy returns..Issues you the certified cheque and takes the boat/car, leaving you with a phoney name.
If you don't get the buyers proper legal ID or lic.Plate, your bank will take the cheque-deposit it into your account-until they find out it is forged/fraud-then they will withdraw the money back from your account and send the certified cheque back to you as forgery/fraud.
By this time- the guy is long gone.
Keep track of the phone numbers potential buyers use to contact you, lic.plate #'s etc etc.
Too bad in this day and age you can't trust anyone you don't know.
Sure if fraud you can call the Police but there usually is nothing to go on a week or two later.


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WATCH SELLERS AS WELL!!! My friend, wife, & daughter just rented a car and drove to Florida in a rented car to pick up a motorhome bought on eBay with a sizable $US downpayment. When he got there it was nothing as presented on eBay, he said the fellow must have got pictures off a brochure. When he asked for his downpayment back the fellow said he didn't have the $ as he had spent on something else to resell. He's hoping to get money back when the fellow sells again????? A lesson- too good to be true probably is!

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Stay away from Ebay or sooner or later you will lose some bucks.
Ever notice these Power Sellers that have 95% approval rating.
That means 5% or more lost money or product or never got what they thought.
That is quite a failure rate,Ebay allows these guys to continue doing business.

I lost $40 bucks , not a lot, but once was enough.

Capt. Hook[B)]


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Another thing to watch for is what I call "Scopers" They will seem interested about your boat, show up to check it out, and then say they're going to the bank to get funds. They NEVER return. What DOES return in the middle of the night is some palooka with a truck to steal your boat.
KEEP ER' CHAINED UP TO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! If you trailer , that is...

The Capn'

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A 76 year old fishing buddy of mine decided he needed another boat.He purchased it from a guy in Forest who sells old boats in front of his business.I am not sure but i think he got him for a considerble amount of money.It isn't a bad looking boat 83 lund with a 90hp Yamaha on the back. Heres the fraud I told my friend I would come over when he is ready to put it away for the winter and help to change the gear oil.I just happened to take a quick look for the drain plug and discouved a hose clamp around the hub where the shaft comes out upon further inspction I found a frost crack about 6 inches long, running along the gear housing.Buyer beware if you don't know,find a friend who does when buying .There are lots of crooks out there.



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When it comes to private sales it's just as much seller beware as buyer beware.I've heard of a few people taken by fraudulent cheques.If it ever happens to you,call the RCMP.They love catching these guys.


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I had an experience that opened my eyes to fraud. It was not in this site, but a on line, for sale site. I was wanted to sell binoculars and someone called me saying he wanted them. He was not able to come and see them and was going to send me a bank note. I was suspicious, but I still had the binoculars so waited. Note came and it was more than the cost aggreed on. He then wanted me to cash the note, take my part and send the other through Western Union to somone who was supposely shipping him more items. The letter came from Paris, France, but I went to the bank it was drawn on and it was a fraud. It turns out this a a common trick, they get the money, you loose yours and have to pay the bank back the full amount and you loose the item they wanted to buy. Thank goodness for little voices. I reported it to the police, but they could do nothing as it was out of country. If you know someone who comes accross this kind situation warm them. There is a lot of sites on computer that merchandise can be bought and sold.


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Originally posted by hijinx

Hey Northener,
You also have to watch when taking a bank certified cheque. Who would not accept one of these as payment?

Actually that's the only way I'll pay for a larger item from a private seller. But I have no problem showing ID or even having them come to the bank with me when I get the bank draft. I'd never pay cash for a larger item.


I just got 2 of these from diffrent people on a boat that is currently posted here for sale - and way too fishy . . . . .

From: Sharon Kyle <nicoleluv24@gmail.com>
Date: December 2, 2010 12:08:16 AM EST
To: Mich At Home
Subject: Re: 14 ft Duck Hunting Jon Boat, Blind and 16HP Go Devil Motor and Trailer - $2900 Date: 2010-12-01, 9:56AM EST Reply to:

Thank you so much for the response, I will be happy to buy it.note that you will not be responsible for the shipping and handling.the shipping company will come to your location for the pick up kindly provide me your full name and address so i can forward it to the shipping company to calculate the shipping cost for me.Also send me your paypal money request or email address too. do get back to me as soon as possible so i can make the payment via paypal.
Sharon Kyle

or this

Subject: Re: 14 ft Duck Hunting Jon Boat, Blind and 16HP Go Devil Motor and Trailer - $2900

Thank for the response.How many years have you been using it and what
is the present condition? I will be happy to buy it,I am at the sea at the moment.i am a sailor and i really want to make this purchase but due to my work i can't come and pick it up from you but my pick up company will come to pick it up .Note that you will not be responsible for shipping and handling.My pick up agent will come to your location for pick up. Kindly provide me your name and full address so i can forward it to the shipping company to calculate the pick up fees, I would like you to know that your payment will be made via paypal i don't have access to my bank account online as i don't have internet banking but i have link my bank account to my paypal account and PayPal is fast and secured to send and received money online, All you have to do is to send me your PayPal email account or you can send me a money request to this mail as to make the payment asap

Hope to read from you pretty soon
Best Regard

Hello am interested in your item let me know if is still available


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Thanks to all who took the time to reply to this topic, it is appreciated. A lot of good info to consider!!

^^^^^^ That is one of the worst internet faux pas' you can make. No reason to be flogging your name and address out to everyone with an internet connection.


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@mick, there is no entrance exam or background check for members here. If you have a valid e-mail address and a handle that's not too offensive , you're approved. Whether buying or selling something here or anywhere on the Internet, one should take the necessary precautions to protect one's interests. I think this is made pretty clear in the description of the Classified forum section and in the thread above.

A comment that suggests something uniquely negative about the collective nature of the members here and this site's classified section is, in my opinion, incorrect and inflammatory. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience, but that's between you and the person with whom you are dealing. It's not the fault of the people registered here or of the site's classified section.


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hi stomp thats exactly what i was expressing taking the necessary precautions and checking out throughly what you might be interested in purchasing
The purchase i made was fine...i tried to get some follow up information on my purchase from a fellow member and that did not work out...so i felt left in a little bit of limbo...far from a bad experience if thats what your implying?...i just stated to our fellow members its my experience to check everything out before hand..the message was just trying to help making imformative decisions regarding the classified section..if you would like me to remove the message or reword any statement i will do that....anything to help our fellow members is my priority and always has been...i just wondered stomp if you could mention do you feel comfortable making a purchase or have you made a purchase on our classified section...if you don't feel to answer that no problem..


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Here, Kijiji is be same comfort level for me @mick. As stated above, an Internet purchase is an Internet purchase.

Not that it matters, but I may have sold a thing or two here. The little I buy is usually new.

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I'd like to comment on it also , as it's not just on other sites . What I will say is , if you make a purchase on any site , try to make a best effort towards a meet and purchase . And inspect the merchandise carefully . Sometimes , you get distracted by chit chat ( which is not a bad thing ), as I did and walk away with a "deal " , that isn't the same as described in the ad . That is fraud to me also .


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Here is another scam.
I had an outboard for sale. 96 90hp force.
Guy from TO agreed to buy. 1800 was the agreed price.
Week later he still didnt come to pick up with the money.
Emailed him back and he said 2 weeks.
2 weeks later and no show.
This went on for 6 months.
Finally a guy offered cash and be there next day.
Yup i said and finaly it was sold after almost a year later.
Marked add as sold the next day and suddenly i get a response from the first guy saying i owed him the 1800 cause we had a verbal agreement. I argued. He replied with some very legal response how his lawyer would contact me. I replied with the 12 months of emails and nothing after.
Watch out for guys who agree but always have excuses why they cant make it.


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I've sold some boats, some vehicles, and quite a few vintage musical instruments..mostly old Gibson banjos (in the 5 figure range) that often required shipping vs pickup. My rules are simple..I take cheques, bank drafts, money orders, etc but anything other than cash needs to clear with the $$$ in my account before the item leaves my hands.
I sold a banjo to a buyer in Florida who paid with a certified cheque from a NYC bank..legit but there is a 30 day hold from my bank because its foreign. The guy was pissed but I just said when the $$$ is in my hands, I ship that day.
I did have a gentleman who bought a boat show up with the $14k in cash...a bit nerve wracking...
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