8x8 hut for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD.


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fully insulated with a black rubber roof .11/4 foam in the floor and 3/4 in the walls and cealing.it sets on 1inch tubing and has 3 runners made from 1 inch tubing. it has 2 sets off bunk beds a place for a propane stove and a heater my big buddy heater on low keeps it around 20 degrees at nite.its wired for a 12 volt batterie and wired for a generater with outside lights.can be seen on the ice at the end off gilford road feel free to open the door and take a look.asking 400. obo. or 650.oo with the generator that dont even have hour of run time on it.
you can contact me at highhopes62@sympatico.ca

percy martin