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  1. Blastr

    Niagara River trout

    Fished Niagara River on Saturday November 30th had a great day with my son and his friend Cody got lots of trout, book your trout fishing charter now before it freezes up
  2. Blastr


    Instead of doing the Long Point Pike Derby we decided to go Muskie fishing instead. Had a great day on the water with Apps and Jeffie boy. Met some of the local 68 crowd before take off. Hey Stomp who would we have done with this one??? Blastr lure does it again after we threw the kitchen sink...
  3. Blastr

    St. Clair muskie

    Did a charter on October 12 th. Too rough to fish the lake so we fished the river goin 2 for 3. Fish are there now.
  4. Blastr

    Erie eyes

    Took a charter out on sat. Am. and we smacked em again. Hope the fishing stays good like last year up till the middle of Oct. Book your charter now.
  5. Blastr

    Burwell eyes

    Some big fish being caught now. Spots still available, This big girl was released to breed again.
  6. Blastr

    Burwell eyes Aug.19 / 19

    After the big blow, fish were scattered today. Found em in the pm. Deeper now. Come get yours with New concrete fish cleaning station is awesome, thanks Big Otter marina.
  7. Blastr

    Burwell eyes

    Fished Wednesday night with friends and we crushed em again. I have Sunday open for this weekend
  8. Blastr

    Selkirk walleye

    Did the cottage thing last weekend with the gang and we fished straight out in 52 to 58 fow. Lots of bait and not bad fishing either.
  9. Blastr

    Killarney fishing trip

    Stayed 5 days on a rock camping with family. Had a blast. Water was 2 ft higher than normal and yes it did make fishing tougher than normal. We still landed 33 fish from my boat. 5 muskie the rest were pike and bass.Casting was the ticket this year.My boy out did me this year for sure.
  10. Blastr

    Burwell eyes

    Smashing the eyes now at Burwell. Book your trip of a lifetime now with
  11. Blastr

    Burwell eyes

    2 of us fished straight S of port .Lots of bugs LOTS. Managed 5 eyes trolling. Slow day but the mother load is not in yet.
  12. Blastr

    Blastrcharters eyes

    Captain Rick, his son and myself took "the Legend" to Leamington again .We got an early start lol 10:00 am. lines in, and by 1:15 pm.lines out, with the ballasts full. Bottom bouncers trolled slow. Some (not many) on dipseys,. Did a test down there this time and i ran rubber worms on one side...
  13. Blastr

    Leamington walleyes by Blaster charters

    Fished in 25 feet of water with bottom bouncers and offshore tackle side planer boards with tattle tail Flags. 3 man limit during stormy weather which the weather man said sunny and a chance of rain after 2:00pm. Water temp. 60 degree. Very grateful for a fully enclosed cockpit during the rain...
  14. Blastr

    Lake Erie walleye

    Made the drive to Leamington to bottom bounce for walleye, call for your next fishing trip. picked up our limit in 3 drifts
  15. Blastr

    Blastrcharters perch

    Had another excellent day out on the water with Friends. 48 fow book your charter now.
  16. Blastr

    Simcoe jumbos

    Went up to Simcoe on the weekend and did not bad ice getting rough at edge otherwise Lots out in center. Lots of 6" doinks
  17. Blastr

    LSC muskie

    Fished Sunday in the heat. The lake went from 35 to 36.7 in the pm. The water colour was Mud, 3" visibility, no fish that time. Saw no fish caught. Done with muskie for the year.
  18. Blastr

    LSC Muskie on Blastrcharters

    We fished the south shore and landed 5 for 6 in the muddy water all on homemade lures. Clients pb.47.5" still some dates left for this year.
  19. Blastr

    St Claire Muskie

    Headed to Lake st. Clair on Saturday with Apps and some of his friends we fished the river and did good. 45" was our biggest for the day. Still time to book your muskie trip with
  20. Blastr

    Sat end of sept. burwell

    Started late at 11 00am. and we picked up 13 eyes slow day but lots of fish around. Fished from 47-50 fow. Captain Blastr