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  1. Huron

    Please share your posts with pictures .

    Please share your posts with pics of your day out at the huts etc. P.S. I convinced my good wife to come with me in the next few weeks! Huron.
  2. Huron

    Booth's Harbor web cam

    Anybody know if the Booth's Harbor web cam will be up again. It was nice to have a glance at it every so often in the past. Huron.
  3. Huron

    Chumming waters under ice huts ?

    Does anybody chum their waters when not getting any bites all day or is it a matter of if the fish ain't there they just ain't there. Frustrated after my last trip. Huron
  4. Huron

    Traditional Ice Fishing vs. Today's Terminator

    Can't help writing about this since noticing the number of posts (mainly on the lake Simcoe board) about guys posting huge numbers of super jumbo's "They Caught" Hey happy for them. But I think one should differentiate between the guys just enjoying a day on the ice in a hut with pole in...
  5. Huron

    Ice Report for St Williams anybody?

    Could someone report the ice surface just off St Williams where Grangers and Bayside huts are located. Maybe someone in the area could post a picture even! Would be truly appreciated. Huron.
  6. Huron

    Booth's harbor web cam site ?

    Does anyone know if the web cam is down as I don't get a picture that used to be there in the past? Or is my computer doing new years tricks.? Thanks Huron.
  7. Huron

    Ice Fishing Dreams

    I know it's early but anybody have any thoughts on weather we 'll be lucky enough to have ice huts out this year. Huh? Can dream can't I ? Huron.
  8. Huron

    How about a recent pic off St Williams

    Hey guys for us not close by could someone post a recent picture off St. Williams just behind Grangers and Bayside hut rentals facing towards where private huts park as well as rental huts. Wife and I want to make one last trip some day this week for some pictures before slush arrives...
  9. Huron

    Anybody fish from St. Williams anymore?

    Once apon a time there was all kinds of reports and pics from fishing at St.Wiliams especially after the flag day holiday? Be kinda nice to know what's going on there huh? With all the iphones etc around doesn't anyone care to take the time to share or are selfie sticks to much the rage...
  10. Huron

    Oh Canada !

    Happy Canada Day! Share your celibrated catch from Lake Erie with us with a pic or two please. It will even make your fish that much bigger.! Huron.
  11. Huron

    Why I ask you guys for photo's please

    As an amateur photo buff you can see what I get out of St. Williams besides the odd fish . Just sharing with you. In return please post a pic or two of some of the huts out there, Thanks Guys, Huron/
  12. Huron

    Would someone please post some pic's :)

    For us who are a little further away from shorelines of Erie how about a few pic's. Even a shorline pic looking out on the bay in the direction of where the guys park their huts. I need a new screen saver. Thanks. Huron
  13. Huron

    St. Williams Tuesday Feb. 25.

    Well, my patient good wife agreed to come to St. Williams today with me. The bite was not there for any perch but I got a lot of neat pictures of the ice huts out there. and we went for a nice relaxing drive from Stratford through Woodstock and onto St. Wiliams saw different country side...
  14. Huron

    St. Williams and ice fishing Huh ???

    Does anybody ice fish St. Williams anymore. Once apon a time there were all kinds of reports and nice pictures too ! Someone please verify if this place still exists, or has it vanished by the way of Brigadoon. My wife and I would like to come down there in the next week. Thanks for any...
  15. Huron

    Oh Canada !

    For the team Canada, a special hut for you. May you score goals of perch too! Sincerely, Huron
  16. Huron

    Please post some pics

    Getting itchy for some pics especially the unique looking ice huts that are stationed at St Williams being an amateur photographer. My wife and I are planning on coming down in the next week or so. Here's one of my favorite pics. Is it your hut? P.S. I fish for perch too..when there...
  17. Huron

    Beautiful Old Cut

    Just for the fun of it I took a google drive to as far as I could go to the Old Cut Marina. It made me realize the Brigadoon Heaven on Earth area neatly hidden away there in ever built up Southern Ontario. It was like going back to the 50's up at Wasaga beach then or at Grand Bend back then...
  18. Huron

    Some tech help re copying a screen image please

    Can one of you fisherman thats more computer savy tell me how to get a printed copy off the computer of the picture showing Booths Harbour on their webcam site. I tried to make a copy of it a few different ways, is it possible ? Thanks, Huron.
  19. Huron

    How much of Lake Huron is frozen ?

    Can anyone tell me how much of Lake Huron is frozen over? I looked at a few satelite maps that some of you probably look at. Just wondering if I was looking at them right? Thanks for your help. Yours, Huron.
  20. Huron

    Old Cut Web Cam View Direction

    From looking at the location of the Old Cut Marina on Google Maps does this tell me that the web cam dirction points out directly towards St Williams Booth's harbour location across the waters or a little to the right or left. Thanks for clearing this up. Just curious. Huron.