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  1. Duckula

    Spring Migration

    Migration definitely in full swing now. Not as many Swans and Snows at the refuge and with the strong south winds I can’t help but think today or tonight will be a big push North. It’s 21c today, south winds at about 48k. If it was me I’d be flying lol.
  2. Duckula

    Spring Migration

    Cackler ...I didn’t take this shot but he was seen at Middke Creek with the snows.
  3. Duckula

    Spring Migration

  4. Duckula

    Spring Migration

  5. Duckula

    Spring Migration

    The birds ( Swans 3,750 and Snows 115,000) seem to have returned to Middle Creek as the numbers as of today are way up again. Was in Maryland over the weekend and there are many birds still there but very concentrated and definitely moving north. Where we were on Chesapeake bay saw few Swans...
  6. Duckula

    Spring Migration

    Just wondering if anyone has seen any Tundra Swans at Long Point yet? Here in Pennsylvania at Middle Creek Wildlife Management area the Swan count yesterday afternoon was about 5,000 birds. We had 2 very cold nights and as such the impoundment was 2/3 frozen along with a few inches of frozen...
  7. Duckula

    Divers have arrived in Long Point Bay

    Thanks for the report Fireram ..... I frequently check the forum and call the unit to see what divers are in. I drive about 800k to get to long point and have been doing so for the past 15 seasons. Only being able to hunt 4-5 days each season I rely on the forum and unit to schedule a trip there...
  8. Duckula

    New LPWA Site - This forum still wanted?

    I missed the vote too but please keep the site up and running. Has been a wealth of information for me through the years.
  9. Duckula

    Looking to get out on some field hunts

    Pinchel; I would take you field gunning for geese as I'm going out Frday when geese come in but the distance might be a problem .....I'm in Pennsylvania . If you're ever down this way you are more than welcomed to hunt. Jeff.
  10. Duckula

    boat recovery help

    Allan; Thanks for the information and the tip with regard to the waterproof case for your phone. I hadn't thought about that aspect but a soaked cell is quite useless. Great to hear that you recovered your equipment . I recently sold my boat in favor of something bigger as I always keep an...
  11. Duckula

    boat recovery help

    Ron Allan Thankfully everyone ended up being safe after your nightmare on the bay. Any good news with the recovery efforts? What ultimately went wrong with your plan to hunt and what did you learn from the experience that might help others in the future? I am not trying to make light of your...
  12. Duckula

    Boxing Day - Could not resist

    Where did you order from? Been thinking about buying one myself ....
  13. Duckula

    tough weekend

    Someone stole ur decoys while you went in for lunch! WTF .....crazy, just plain crazy. I have hunted 33 before but never came in without my decoys for that reason. I was hunting with hand carved divers and was just paranoid about having them swiped. Never heard of this happening till now ....I...
  14. Duckula

    Howey hardware

    Thanks Dotcom, I will give them a shout.
  15. Duckula

    Howey hardware

    Just called Howey's hardware looking for this years long point DU hat and was sadly informed that the store is now closed. They actually closed last month and the building is for sale. I as well as many others I'm sure are saddened by the news. A trip to Port Rowan was never complete without a...
  16. Duckula

    Hunting and boating alone

    I am really grateful for the information and of course the tips on hunting and boating alone. I am 52 and like everyone I am concerned about safety. I have made a few mistakes on the bay through my own ignorance and excitement over just getting out there and hunting. The lessons learned over the...
  17. Duckula

    Hunting and boating alone

    Just taking an un-scientific poll here cause( due to various factors ) I might be hunting alone later next month . I was just wondering how many hunt and boat alone? I would be hunting the unit as venturing out to LR or BR would be out of the question. Thanks for your input Jeff.
  18. Duckula

    Folding seat in a Bankes Chesapeake

    Looking to install a folding seat in my Chesapeake on top of the fiberglass bench. Anyone try this before, how did you set it up and how is it working out for you? Been planning this for years and figured this year I'm going to get it done. Any help, ideas would be appreciated ....
  19. Duckula

    Rondeau Bay

    I was wondering the same thing .....
  20. Duckula

    Long Point Hunt

    Lots of Ruddy Ducks in Big Rice on Thursday. Not too many flying around out there Friday but between openings in the fog the Ruddies flew pretty good, we got 4 ....we were not shooting our best but had many opportunities. Saw tons of divers on the inner bay Saturday ...not too much flying though.