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    Question For The Sonar Experts

    I just made a cross out of an old hockey stick and mounted the transducer to one end with a screw. Lower it in the hole, and the cross lets it sit just under the ice.
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    Id also like to see Hunter get a chance, but seeing as they have a continuous coaching carousel and he hasn't been one of them, maybe doesn't want the job or they don't want him as the coach? He would have been my pick 5 years ago.
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    Off Topic......WJHC

    I think they will be in tough big time this year, goaltending and defense wise... but I hope I am wrong.
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    ice conditions

    Ice for perch on Lake Simcoe is good in certain access points. Was at Virginia Beach today and brought home close to 20, some quite large. Ice is a solid 6 inches with lots of sled and bike action as far as the eye could see. Just letting anyone know if they are getting desperate. Use your own...
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    Ice Conditions

    Its gotta be getting close, too bad for this warm spell/rain...
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    Where have all the Lake Erie smelts gone in the spring?

    Same, although I've hardly got enough for a feed over an entire spring of dip netting. Don't even see too many washing up against the pier anymore.
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    Minnows in Port Bruce?

    930am. Thanks!
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    Minnows in Port Bruce?

    Yes I just tried calling a number but it was out of service. I am going to come tomorrow morning for minnows, if you see this message. Thx.
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    Fish Species in Catfish Creek?

    It empties into Lake Erie at Port Bruce.
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    Fish Species in Catfish Creek?

    Ive seen a few Pike in there WR, seem to be some in all Erie tribs.
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    Minnows in Port Bruce?

    Do any of the shops carry minnows right now/through the winter in Port Bruce? (Rush Creek, North Erie, Mollys?) Thx!
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    Craig Mathew, let us know how Lake Simcoe goes. Im surprised there is ice already, with how windy it has been.
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    Angling Outfitters will be open this Sunday Dec. 16TH.

    Its Angling Outfitters. Not much to debate about, and not worth making an argument over. Im sure there is plenty of other stores worldwide with a similar or same name. The one in question though, is in Woodstock. Not sure why there is any confusion at all..
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    Anyone fish perch at Normandale pier?

    I am also curious about the ball park. Nothing beats the fall, fishing and playoff baseball. Go A's Go!
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    Anyone fish perch at Normandale pier?

    Agreed. I only fish it late Spring. No idea whats going on there now, but likely slow.
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    Monster at Bluff's Bar

    Cool pic! Very toothy.
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    Dover Perch

    My guess is that it would be slow right now, hopefully the locals will chime in though. Get a scoop of minnows and you just never know.
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    Edmonton Update

    I certainly dont miss Bobo I assure you that. Stomp, I think you should buy his boat, then invite your favouritest (a new word) members out for a day of fishing ;) I will make the report.
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    Edmonton Update

    Yeah well I come on here to read fishing reports, not a 7 week series of updates on someones potential life move. Surely no one wants me to post a daily thread on my day to day life operations lol... Dont get all bent out of shape Pinchel.
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    Edmonton Update

    Finally. Hopefully this puts an end to the Dr. Phil "tell your life story" threads on this fishing website.