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    Minnows in Port Bruce?

    Do any of the shops carry minnows right now/through the winter in Port Bruce? (Rush Creek, North Erie, Mollys?) Thx!
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    Did you happen to fish Port Bruce this week? Wondering if the hot weather has helped at all.
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    Port Bruce Pier Report June 23rd

    Took a walk along the pier tonight, nobody was catching any perch, even the ones that were there most of the day, none. Sounds like it hasn't really got started yet. Tried for minnows, there were a few, but not too plentiful. There was also a water rescue as a canoe ventured out well past the...
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    Channel Cats

    Has anyone had any success targeting cats in the rivers yet? Plan to give it a shot within the week but just curious if anyone else has?
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    Starting Battery For Sale.

    Everlast Starting Battery. Bought thinking it was a deep cycle, so it does me no good. 625 Marine Cranking Amps 500 Cold Cranking Amps 12 V $40. Pretty much new. Located in London area. Please contact via email
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    Mustang Survival Inflatable PFD Camo

    Hello, I have a Mustang inflatable PFD for sale, camo in colour! Only worn a couple times this season and dont use it enough. Looks brand new. Bought for $119 new, looking for $60. Please send emails to Thanks.
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    BRAND NEW 13 ft Streamside Float Rod For Sale

    13 ft. 2 pc. Sliding rings. 4-8 lb rating. SIC Guides. Also backed by the best warranty of any float rod on the market (over the counter warranty, no mailing, no waiting, only a $10 fee) Retails for $140 + taxes, selling for $100 firm. Located in the London area, but often travel to fish.
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    Float rod and Trolling Rod for sale.

    1. 11'6 Streamside IM8 2pc. float rod. Only used a handful of times, in great condition. SIC Guides. Sliding Rings. Also has lifetime over the counter warranty, $10 to replace. (means no shipping required, no waiting, no hassels) FS1152 , 4-8lb rating. $100. 2. Only used one time up north...
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    2 Spinning Reels for Sale

    1. Pflueger Endeavor spinning reel. 6 ball bearing. Brand new, never used, has never had line spooled on it. $30. I will also spool it with free superior mono fishing line if you wish. ($30) 2. Quantum Nitrous spinning reel. Used about 5 times. In great shape. Will also spool it with free...
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    Seahawk Sport Inflatable Fishing Raft

    Seahawk Sport 400 inflatable raft. Very durable, made out of thick vinyl. Has 2 rod holders and a storage pouch. 2 paddles. Holds 2 adults comfortably. Comes with motor mount ($50 value) Moves very nicely with a trolling motor on the back. Foot pump (only takes 3 or 4 minutes to pump up. 2...
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    Looking for a boat anchor.

    Either a 10lb or 15lb if anyone has one they are looking to sell. Thank you.
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    Port Dover area

    Just wondering if there is any perch being caught from shore in the Dover/Ryerse area? Thanks for any info.
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    Private Property Question

    I have a question about private property, where can I look for an answer? I dont think the CO's would really have an idea, would it be the police then? It stems from fishing the mouth of a creek, where I was in the water. I accessed the beach area publicly (dead end road and no one owned the...
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    Looking For Boat Seat, Anchor and Paddle

    Looking for a couple things, used is just fine. Padded Folding Boat seat, just need one, preferably used. 10lb Boat Anchor One Wooden Canoe paddle. Thanks, Quinn
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    Mustang Survival Camo Float Coat

    Mustang Survival Camo floater coat for sale, Size Medium. Only worn a couple times, like brand new. Paid $179 + taxes last year and selling for $50 firm. A great coat, especially if you want to stay safe on the ice out there this winter. A good deal.
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    Wanted : 2 Swivel Boat Seats

    Looking for a couple swivel boat seats, nothing fancy, preferably comfortable, let me know if you have anything to sell. Thanks, Quinn