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    Family day

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    Family day

    Fished 7am to 3:30pm. Pretty much steady action all day with some nice big fish coming through every once in a while. 30 keepers.
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    OLD CUT Winter BAY ACCESS and PARKING 2013.

    Do i need a permit if its my boat house at the old cut??
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    New ride

    That is a mean looking boat. Nice buy.
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    Thursday & Friday

    i couldn't see my minnow a foot down on Feb 21. Fished for hour and a half, 1 perch. I packed my shiz and left.
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    Super day on the Bay

    Nice! Hopefully i'll find a few tomorrow.
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    Help Needed

    Well I have only made it down to St.Williams once this year due to kids and just need to know how the ice is. I'll be out Family day with the guys. If you want you can tell me your hot spots, :D but just a basic update East West, how far out to the pack of huts? Thanks, I will post a report.
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    Old Cut Saturday

    Thanks for the report. I never seem to catch any perch out of the old cut on the ice. St. Williams is where i have my best luck.
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    I have 2 of the perch models, purchased from rot rons. The single hook one is an awesome jig, i was dropping that down no minnow and nailing the jumbos. Crappy hooks on the double hook, easily replaced.
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    The Bay

    It was clear on Sunday.
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    St. Willies Jan 09

    Hiked all the way out to the pack of huts and wasn't dissapointed. Caught over 100 keeping 30. A few were monsters. Non stop action from 8-10am and then it slowed down.
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    st. williams mon. morning

    This pic says it all about this morning.WINDY
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    st. williams mon. morning

    I went out of the old cut 7.15am-11am. 4 keepers caught, decent size pike swam by. That wind was crazy.
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    New Site Sponsor - Granger's Ice Fishing

    A great option but isn't it illegal?