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    Fishing Report NO SKUNK TODAY. (Pt Bruce)

    there was a 7lb walleye caught of the pier sat not the same guy in Trevorsm post
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    Fishing Report First perch outing this year May 24/019

    well done Gord we hit some big white perch at Bruce no yellows caught
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    port bruce was all catfish Saturday cac ater cat even double headers all about 1to2lbs onworms
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    any minnows at p bruce or Stanley yet
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    Fishing Report Fall perchin Oct 23/018

    nothing at the Otter
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    Fishing Report Fall perchin Oct 23/018

    good job Gord I am going to the Otter this mornning
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    Fishing Report "Falling" for perch Oct 14/018

    good for you Gord
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    Fishing Report FINALLY

    got more perch this June than all last summer
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    Perch - Port Stanley

    a@l baits where are you located
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    😮 WOW!! Expensive Walleye’s(Pickerel)—EH!!

    24.99 at st Thomas super store bc halibut was cheaper 23.99
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    Thames River Walleye’s ON!!

    I would not fish Thursday see REGS
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    Off Topic Grocery Store Fishing - North Londontown

    ridiculous prices all year walleye at superstore st t 26 bucks a lb
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    Thames River Walleye’s ON!!

    morning or eve
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    Thames River Walleye’s ON!!

    nice catch
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    any minnows in pt bruce
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    Fishing Report Burwell evening

    any minnows in pt Burwell or bruce
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    Some nice Juicy jumbos at Port Bruce

    how deep were you fishing
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    catfish cr

    took a look at the catfish for open season stay in bed or go to youngs I will stay in bed, and will try for minnows at port br later
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    Indoor 'outdoor' Yard Sale - Aylmer

    no was not impressed
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    Smelt Net 6x6...Complete with frame..

    Dixie Dairy st Thomas net 30$ rails 30$