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    Detroit river walleye run

    Can anyone PM me where to fish from shore from Canadian side. I'd like t
  2. J

    Detroit river walleye run

    Can anyone PM me where to fish from shore from Canadian side. I'd like to take my kids.
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    The fat lady has sung.

    That hut was left out on purpose. I hear its the same guy who had to be rescued yesterday. Apparently hes planning to fish out if it tomorrow. I heard someone saw him in port Rowan filling his snowmobile up with gas before the ride out.... lmfao
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    The fat lady has sung.

    Here's a post from jimmy riggin. He said it best "The winds have been intense here in Long Point. The ice has blown out, which means the end to our 2019 ice fishing season. The winds are continuing to build. They anticipate waves on Lake Erie to reach 22 feet with the possibility of some 36...
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    St Williams Ice Report

    Lots of ppl posting about oldcut. Can anyone post and give updates on st William's ice conditions. Are outfitters out there? Are atv and snowmobiles out,? How much ice is there currently.
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    Off Topic Crappie fishing

    Ice fish around the docks in longpoint. I have talked to a few guys who say they still school up like crazy in the marinas in the winter. Not sure if your allowed to fish the marinas even if you use public property to access the waterway though. Anybody know the answer to this?
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    Fishing Report St. Williams Tues. 12th

    That huge pike was caught feb 12/19 out of st Williams. Way to go pete!
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    Wanted - icehut woodstove

    Looking for a small woodstove for ice hut. Nothing made from propane tank or barrels. Solid steel pls. Send pics to 905 741 6390 and price.
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    Atv through the ice Bayview Marina

    Just a heads up. Atv went through the ice near bayview marina today. So if your going out near there. Be safe.
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    Woodwards, Bayside, Jimmy Riggin icehuts

    Hey guys, Can we get some info by you three on how much ice your huts are sitting on?
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    St. Williams icefishing

    Heard St. William's is full on. Ice hut operators huts on the ice and fishing? Can anyone confirm.
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    Any nils hand augers?
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    goose shot

    i won't shoot geese unless BBB. Went straight BB for ducks now to. You get the odd one that flies away and then drops stone dead 50 yards away. I shoot 3.5 heavy metal and the cheap Winchesters kill them dead with bigger shot.
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    Wanted - non corrosive sks ammo. 1000 rounds

    Im looking for non corrosive sks ammo. Looking for about 1000 rounds at a reasobable price PM me if you have and price. I have valid PAL
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    For Sale Trigger locks ( GunLok ) (3)

    Combo or key?
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    Prairie Shot - Score Waterfowl Ammo

    I've heard good things about score ammo. Canadian company in New Brunswick. Anyone tried them?
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    Cheapest steel shot by the case

    Thanks guys.
  18. J

    Cheapest steel shot by the case

    Hunting store in oshweken 250 case winchester high velocity bb 3 1/2 No tax. Anybody find cheaper?
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    Cheapest steel shot by the case

    Used to get watrfowl loads by the case at lebarons. Pretty cheap to. But they're closed now. Anybody know of other good deal places? Freds starting to creep up in price it seems
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    For Sale 12ga ammo more added

    Where r u located