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  1. jumbos

    Off Topic Long point drinking water sand point ?

    I have put quite a few points in here on the farm. Depth of the point is in direct relation to the depth of the clay line. Here the clay starts at about 29ft. So I put the point down to about 28ft. I am guessing at long point the clay is quite a bit higher than that. My guess would be about...
  2. jumbos

    Weekend eats...

    Long point’s best…. Great afternoon with my first mate
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  5. jumbos

    Gold and Silver Grinder... Nanticoke September 16th AM

    I am surprised it was a bit choppy, bouy said flat off Burwell. But not really surprised with the weather we have had this year, anything is possible. Glad ya got into some nice ones.
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  8. jumbos

    Fishing Report Burwell - Monday, August 21st.

    Nice fishin guys. Ashley and I had our 12, plus half a dozen through backs in 1.5 hours this morning. But I think my kidneys are a little bruised from the pounding ride in. Then I see the lake was flat in the afternoon…..can’t figure this weather out this year😵‍💫
  9. jumbos

    Burwell Aug. 11. Never hooked whiskers before.

    12lbs cat off Burwell on a 10 colour
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  12. jumbos

    Fishing Report Burwell July 30

    Yup we got our 18, but I wasn’t looking forward to the ramp with that wicked current. Have never seen it that way in all the years I’ve been going, since the early 80’s…..except for the spring melt. The amount of logs, sticks and garbage out in the lake is crazy
  13. jumbos

    Off Topic Walleye Specific Net?

    It was cheaper on Amazon than it was to get it from the company in Michigan… shipping Amazon. Crazy
  14. jumbos

    Off Topic Walleye Specific Net?

    I have a cummings red white and blue… net I have ever owned. Had all kinds of so called tangle free nets, but the Cummings is truly tangle free, nothing can compare!
  15. jumbos

    Burwell tomorrow Afternoon

  16. jumbos

    Fishing Report Bows, bows and more bows

    Tell Bailey to try one of those bows on the bbq. ….filet, leave skin on…butter aluminum foil….lay skin side down. Put thin sliced onions, pepper sweet and hot, any kind of spices, lemon fresh or juice. A few dabs of butter on top, then cover with bbq sauce. fold foil into a tent, bbq on high for...
  17. jumbos

    Fishing Report SM Bass/Perch - Long Point Bay - Sunday, June 25th

    No small mouth for Bryce and I either…..went straight out to bluff bar…..fished both sides, nothing but a few perch. Back to the inner bay to my last resort spot, had a small guy follow but no hookup. Got into some Rockies off old cut to save the day though. I think the MNR need to consider a...
  18. jumbos

    Fishing Report Pike - Inner Bay - Wednesday, May 10th

    Nice to see you two out there…..hope you get your boat back soon and without to heavy of a bill. We got enough keeper perch for a good feed. It was more to get Ashley out on the water, as she had a heavy work load at university this past year.
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  20. jumbos

    Budget friendly fish... 👀

    Use to get coolers full back in the day in the warm water off the coal plant…..good fresh…but crappy when froze. Seems like ages ago…..oh wait….. it was ages ago…lol
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