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    Time for a New Forum?

    Wow. 8D will hunt for food
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    Which Ramp at Burwell Preferred

    north erie in port bruce. will hunt for food
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    What's typical perch migration trend out of Bruce?

    Tex i will start fishing perch end of march to april and start looking for them in as 20 fow all the way too 45 fow all the way till oct. but if the ice would hold up i would try it in the winter. will hunt for food
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    Wow its ontario hydro they have to do these sort of things, its kind of a inconvenient but better now instead of in the fall with rains to run sump pumps or heck maybe shut the hydro down in the winter and take care of no hydro for 8 hrs the possibility of bursted water lines? And rush creek...
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    Biggest Perch I have Ever Seen

    holy crap that is HUGE. will hunt for food
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    Port Bruce Perch

    Nort winds tomorrow so ill giver a whirl when I wake up after lunch and get some perch. Post a reply when when I get in. will hunt for food
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    pier perch

    they have been getting some perch off the pier but not the big numbers yet most females are just about done spawning so im thinking as soon as the water warms up, but a few perch are nice to have giver a try. will hunt for food
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    any perch at Port Bruce yet ?

    Seen your truck at north erie and wondering how you made out me and my sone got a dozen nice ones and then about 30 gobies for the garden, lake went funny and calm then switched outta the south. will hunt for food
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    Perch Derby Changed Dates- North Erie Marina

    hope im off for one two is i hope the lake is nice for us too be on it. will hunt for food
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    any perch at Port Bruce yet ?

    It sucked didn't make it out on the count of five footers hitting the break wall and yes bassaholic that was me and my boy that's a sweet boat yah got nice and deep. I hope to try tomorrow now due to bad winds today (sat) but yes the fish started but we started to drift the first thing I ask my...
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    Port bruce this am (SAT)

    headed out in a bit as soon as my best fishin buddy in the world wakes up. hope to see some ppl out there look for a 16 ft lowe with a 40 tiller etec. will hunt for food
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    any perch at Port Bruce yet ?

    Billp you hit it right i love to fish but i hate and i mean hate when someone flys up on you and kills the engine(catching anything) then anchor 50 ft away i like that. I try to stay away from the packs hope to see you out there today(sat) my boy and i will be in a lowe with a 40 tiller etec...
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    Port Burwell Pics

    Perch are in burwell so the commercial fishermen tell me which are good friends of mine and there will be bows and eyes there not many but if you find them good luck to you. This year was so early for the fish leaving the port bruce channel to hit erie i saw a baby snapper, a snapper. My boy saw...
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    any perch at Port Bruce yet ?

    monday or tuesday i hope see what the weather says will hunt for food
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    any perch at Port Bruce yet ?

    38 fow was the magic number that day with a nice feed straight off the pier. will hunt for food
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    any perch at Port Bruce yet ?

    Yes i have Tacoma not alot but enough that you dont have to go to longpoint for perch as a matter of fact ill giver a whirl later today as soon as my kids get on bus as long as the wind stays down. will hunt for food
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    any perch at Port Bruce yet ?

    30 fow for perch and north erie has the finest 5 bucks a scoop for minnows misty river. pm if you want. will hunt for food
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    Perch Derby @ North Erie Marina

    Greg you can count me in on the derby as long as i dont have to work. will hunt for food
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    North Erie Marina Minnows

    thursday my boy and a friend and i did good with salted minnows and even worms 32 fow just west of the pier. kept 87 between 3 of us. will hunt for food
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    New boat

    Like it says the etec might be gone for a 18 ft with a cutty and a suzuki engine. Dont know much about them but seems clean and will hold my family. My other does the trick but my family is getting bigger and the boat is getting smaller. But now to figure out how to put my riggers on as well new...
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