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    lake simcoe

    had 2 free nights at casino rama so went ice fishing with my wife on mon we were celebrating our 25 anniversary used hales ice fishing huts caught a lot of small perch and 4 herring but it kept us busy also had a 100dollar in casino credit for meals lost 60,00 in casino so it was a real cheap...
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    st williams sunday

    he is a business man who pays property taxes i have no problem paying 10 bucks his expenses dont stop just because it is winter
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    st williams sunday

    they charge me 8.00 to park at the hospital for an hour and there no place to fish lol:)
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    A few recent Steelhead trips........

    i think its great that u shared those pics with us im not able to fish anymore but i enjoy the positive comments, it brings a lot of good memories and those smiles on your faces are priceless
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    Ojibwa on the way ?

    longpointer nice to see some humour this morning,it enlighted my day thx:)
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    bayfield river

    hi jay good to see keep trying we were all rookies at one time, u can get alot of info from the fishermen who are fishing there.i have always had good luck with a slip sinker and floating roe. hang in there
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    life is to short

    last week i was diagnosed with untreatable cancer, i dont have much time , i have been reading about the bickering with giving away tribs. we were all rookies at one time looking for answers on different rigs and set ups that u really think the big otter is a secret or bayfield. the guys...
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    huron tribs

    just wondered if there is any piers or docks where u can sit and fish for trout, have fished bayfield to niagara falls but because of health issues that is no longer possible any help is appreciated
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    Port Stanley Perch

    how far out do u have to go to hit 35'
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    Mildew/mould clean up

    those are the key ingredients for mold , mildew is mold, u need a cover that allows your boat to breath, tarps contribute to trapping the moisture in your boat which mold loves
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    Mildew/mould clean up

    im a certified mold inspector the safiest product is concrobium mold control that u can buy at home depot
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    Can someone help

    ah yes a group hug is just what we need :) merry christmas to all the members
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    Exotic Animals Loose in Ohio

    he was probably wondering where can i hide lol
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    Exotic Animals Loose in Ohio

    I watched it on the news its unfortunate that Ohio allows people to have that many exotic animals, most of the animals were shot which includes 18 tigers, 10 lions , bears, monkeys. I hope now that ohio changes its laws because this was just plain stupid and dangerous. I feel sorry for those...
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    35 years married

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    i guess i shouldn't have kissed that bow so hard looks like i left a mark lol8D
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    im not sure about tues yet, won't know until mon afternoon. had some pickeral last night it was great. if u get a call from someone dont hold the spot for me as I can go another time.
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    thx horty always nice to get warmed up with sheppies before u attack the monsters. i had a great time and the weather was perfect :):)
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    love to go horty my boat is sold ,hi steve i also live in london more than happy to pay for gas and bait
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    welcome aboard
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