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  1. spincast

    Tournament cheater in trouble again

    Weights, fakes and dates, the trifecta failure right dere
  2. spincast

    Smarttroll and Trollsmarter

    And Mark Kulak runs the smart trolls. Charters on O and has a YouTube channel. Pretty sure he posted a bunch of vids from last year
  3. spincast

    Smarttroll and Trollsmarter

    I have a trollsmarter. It's great and support is beyond phenomenal. Stephen is great to deal with. I've called him while on the water to figure stuff out and he is happy to help. Last year I had an issue with the unit , it wouldn't turn on. We worked to troubleshoot shoot it in my garage for...
  4. spincast

    Off Topic Finally got my shit together and set a date.

    Dude, if you are a regular user, I really don't suggest you cross the border. Were you to be invited into secondary I'm pretty sure they would find some. They have 0 tolerance. That delay would make a few more hours on the road seem like a walk in the park.
  5. spincast

    Fishing Report Samana -Dominican Republic- Worth going on a charter?

    I took one a few years ago. The guy came with a couple good reviews. In 6 hours we didn't leave 3 Sq miles of unproductive water. Asked the guys, several times, lets move. Just kept working the same spot. 1000 US for the trip. I had a text exchange with the charter owner (he had 3 boats)...
  6. spincast

    Off Topic Finally got my shit together and set a date.

    Congrats to both if you! Best wishes for a great life together. Sounds like a great place to tie the knot , too
  7. spincast

    Off Topic GPS Trackers for toys

    This article is a good intro to the low-budget, no-subscription options. The advantage of these devices is they are so small they can be hidden anywhere. Downside - some...
  8. spincast

    Off Topic Hot deal on drift sock

    Kitchener location of Princess auto
  9. 20230104_114910.jpg


  10. spincast

    17 foot, 6 rod setup question

    I have run 8 off my 18 footer a couple times I have a couple rocket launchers in the bow ahead of the helm. Run boards wide. Dipsey off each stern rocket launcher. Two rods per down rigger. Like the song, you need 40 acres to make a turn. I don't like anything down the chute when running...
  11. spincast

    Off Topic Ultimate Fishing Show

    A good show. Worthwhile attending
  12. spincast

    Christmas eve tradition

  13. spincast

    Christmas eve tradition

    The daughter makes killer sushi
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  15. spincast

    Off Topic Brrr? Depends on how you look at it lol.

    The Canadian version of 4 Yorkshiremen As far as I'm concerned the only good ice is in my drink
  16. spincast

    Smoked Leg of Lamb Bone in

    Love lamb. Sadly only me and the boy do in the family so limited on options. That looks awesome
  17. spincast

    3 die-hard boats trolling front of Niagara river

    someone got a 28lb brown out there this week. What a beast. Picture on Grimsby Tackle's FB page
  18. spincast

    Off Topic ATV insurance ?

    From my thread this spring: Most of us will never need to place a serious claim, but if you need to, you want someone with power in your corner. Feel free to DM if you wanna take the conversation offline. I have posted in numerous threads. My opinions come from over 30 years of buying...
  19. spincast

    Testing a Promo Thread

    in the event of a real post, you will be directed to the nearest forum
  20. spincast

    New electronics

    Some guys swear side imaging helps find bait off to the side. My thought is if you are close enough to see it on side imaging, your gonna be on the fish already. I rarely use it, and almost never when trolling deeper than 20 foot. Different strokes for different folks. For me the most...
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