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  1. hawghunter

    Thames river at St Clair(Muskie)

    I was half a km out to west on the flats.
  2. hawghunter

    Thames river at St Clair(Muskie)

    I was out of lighthouse cove this morning. Just a couple hours on a solo trip. Managed a fat 42 inch and a thinner 37 inch. Pikers seem to be the trick.
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  5. hawghunter

    Help with autopilot

    Having same issue…. Following
  6. hawghunter

    Hay Bay?

    Fished opening weekend. Water was cold 55. We searched and had success when we git in the Bayview Hump, 10-12 fow. Slow trolling worm harnesses. East wind and we our group ended up with 37. Average size was 21/22 inches.
  7. hawghunter

    Sold Convector 20 Reels

    Check out Bills Baits on Hamilton mountain. Those guys are great, competitive prices and will sharpen the pencil if you are buying a few reels.
  8. hawghunter

    WANTED : cannon risers for track system

    Looking for 2 cannon aluminum risers for track system similar to pic. I am located in Paris area willing to to travel a bit. Will be up in Tilbury area mid march.
  9. hawghunter

    Need 15-20lb anchor

    I have a 28lb anchor. Looking to trade for a 15 to 20lb anchor of the same style. Located in Paris.
  10. hawghunter

    Muskie Fishing on Lake St. Clair

    Been fishing there this summer. Lately Ive had luck with a few mid and high 40 inchers on pikers. Like these
  11. C380EBBA-A689-4F52-AB42-D57BF41CDC74.jpeg


  12. hawghunter

    Off Topic Lake St. Clair Musky

    I have had plenty of those days.
  13. hawghunter

    Off Topic Lake St. Clair Musky

    I am fishing out of Lighthouse Cove this week, I have a cottage there. I have been having luck by the sail boat bouy to the west of us. When you come out of Thames, at second last channel marker, take a heading of 315 on your compass. About 2 miles. Then head west. 16-18 feet. Last couple days I...
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  17. hawghunter

    Off Topic New Ride

    Beauty rig. I am sure she will treat you great!
  18. hawghunter

    Fishing Report Leamington/Colchester

    Do you mind if I ask, worm harnesses or spoons and body baits.
  19. hawghunter

    Off Topic Leaky Waders

    I have been using goop for years with great success. I use my waders all fall and winter. I cut a patch from old rubber and goop with out being cheap. It stretches and bends well.
  20. hawghunter

    Sold 2 lots of body baits

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