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  1. angler

    moving sale

    have various rod/reel combos for sale. Higher end,like daiwa ballistic reels(3), phlueger patriarch reel. St Croix triumph and wild river rods, loomis kingstalker, loomis one piece 6'10 bass rod,fenwick legacy floating reel seat rod. Too much to detail , please contact for specific info. Loacted...
  2. angler

    shotgun shells

    I have some old shells that I think I can take to the police station but if someone can make use of them that is better.Lead shot. I live in Port Dover.
  3. angler

    bass on 23rd

    nice to see they are in fine shape. Coughing up minnows when hooked.
  4. angler

    bass july 22 .

    . I went out from Port Dover about 10;00 am. I did not go to where we had been doing very well before just to give those fish a rest. I went down past David's to the first set of cottages. A new place. I fished the depth of water we were getting bass elsewhere. By 11:00 I had caught 15 -20 bass...
  5. angler

    bass -14th

    Lots of big fish today, not good for eating so most released. The fish were fat and in very good shape. but were quite large ones . Still not on the shoals but in the weeds waiting for minnows.
  6. angler

    bass- few and far between

    Opening was as all have said . A few inside the bar and around bait island. Trouble is I dock in Port Dover and getting up there is challenging with the wind this year. I have checked every rock, shoal ,and inshore spots down this way and have not had a strike even. Oh well the water will warm...
  7. angler

    possession limits

    this is something I never thought of. It came up up north this past week. If the possession limit is one days catch and you freeze some bass for a family diner , until you eat the frozen fish you cannot keep any more bass ?
  8. angler

    bass on Tuesday

    Good to see the bass are still cooperating. My cousin and I went out at 11:00 , back at 1:00 ,kept a limit and threw many back. Nice fat clean fish. It has been another exceptional year. Going to try for some big ones tomorrow.
  9. angler

    bass fri the 9th

    After reading the posts re hoover pt and peacock pt decided to do one more outing this year, but it may not be the last now. Caught the largest smallmouth I have seen in lake erie . The cooler lid is 24' and it stuck out at the front with the tail even with the back. I have a picture but was by...
  10. angler

    Fishing Report thurs - no bass or no bait?

    Hit every spot from Port Dover to Turkey Point. Even went to a couple of holes near inner bay but did not go into inner bay with the water temp so high. Did do well -limit plus ,almost all released. But all but a couple came from one spot. There are not the bass around that there have been in...
  11. angler

    north shore fri pm

    Maybe second best day this year, but it was windy. The big fish were biting. I thought the first bass was another --- sheephead, he was a bruiser and more followed. One thing though. From watching the posts I know we fish the same way, same baits( flicker shad, floating deep diver shad rap); but...
  12. angler


    Anyone got any secrets for keeping them off? Finally able to go out after surgery and came home with six on my clothes. Sort of takes the fun out of the trout fishing which was great by the way.
  13. angler

    Long point area game farm

    I picked up a flyer for a game farm around here -long point area-but can't find the flyer and no luck on the internet. Does anyone know name and/or quality. A friend wants to book. Thanks.
  14. angler

    shotgun clean up

    I have a Weatherby Regency that has been in storage a long time and now needs some clean up as a new friend wants me to come along for clay birds then Chukars. Is the gun place in Delhi a good place to go for clean-up or are there better places around. Eli in Simcoe sends his out to my friends...
  15. angler

    Aug 5 bass north shore

    Water cold today lots of big bass up on rocks 4-9 fow.
  16. angler

    North shore 19th

    Fishing is still great but the winds suck. Was a chore on Sunday . Stayed close to home but still lots of bass(and some of the biggest sheephead I've seen)!
  17. angler

    hook size for trout

    Reading these posts makes me want to go drown some dew worms this weekend. However , I must be slowing down because I am getting a lot more deep hook sets than ever before. It is sort of an academic question because I will be leaving the creek fish alone pretty soon ,partly because I think they...
  18. angler

    free the lynn ?? give me a break!

    Read in the paper that some people from long point bay assn (or what ever) met with MNR re dam in Port Dover. The represent 'free the lynn' Unless these people live in Port Dover seems to me they should mind their own business. If not ,I have a lot of ideas for other towns where I might like to...
  19. angler

    apr 26

    Much better today. 22" brown the best , with specks and browns. Only thing better would be to have grand-daughters out like in other thread!
  20. angler

    for yak from florida

    Smallest at bottom weighed in at 5lb 3 oz to give idea of size of others . I think one on side with boot toe was 8.2 i only lifted it to weigh. I think this is the one. The only keepers are the two new fisherpersons . Photos thanks to spilliard.
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