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    Waterfowl Photography..

    Hey guys, been reading about some of the different birds you have been encountering so far. I've been shooting birds all year ( with a camera lol) and was wondering if any of these birds can be seen from shore? Or do you pretty well need a boat ( of which I do not have) Thanks!
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    June 7th Onshore Perchin'

    Greetings all! Been awhile since I have darkened the door here :) Anyhoo.. last weekend I headed east and connected with some perch soooo this weekend I decided to head west and try my luck at another spot I know of. Salted minnows were the ticket.. took about 15 min before I found them...
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    Lack of River Rat Reports

    Allo all! Been awhile since I have been here as I have had to deal with some serious health issues and I am still dealing with them. Anyway I had to offer my 1.2 cents worth :whistle: regarding the comment that was made regarding how tight lipped us river rats are. Perhaps my assumptions and...
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    Smallmouth June 23

    I didn't get out on the opener for various reasons, but I sure made up for it this morning! Decided I would get a couple of hours in before it got stifling hot. Salted minnows were on the menu and the bass gobbled em up like no tomorrow. :D Caught and released I don't know how many but I...
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    Turkey Point Breakwall Offlimits??

    Just figured I'd ask here to see if anyone has official info.. decided to drive down to Turkey Point breakwall after Port Dover being a bust this morning. When I arrived I was greeted by a new sign at the entrance to the breakwall that says " NO TRESSPASSING" Is this something new?
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    A face only a mother would love..

    First of all, tip of the hat to Stomp for helping me get back on here :) No reports from me as of yet as I am not "legal" until a couple more days, but a friend of mine went down to the Burlington Skyway a few days ago and managed to snag this wicked photo of a cormorant. Was given...
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    Silver Bass Windsor and Area

    Hello all :) I know I can catch silver bass down in Dunnville in the spring provided I can get a spot near the dam. However I have been reading about the massive catches down near Windsor, Lake St Clair and surrounding area. Just wondering if anybody here knows of shore spots? Don't need the...
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    Waterford Aug 6 2012

    Well after spending the rest of the weekend housebound due to the weather and medical issues etc, decided ah what the heck let's go back to the place where it all started for me in the dark ages..:D Didn't arrive til about 10:30 am stayed til 1:30ish as the sun was pretty strong and the north...
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    Here fishy fishy! Coarse Language

    :0 I heard about this on the radio today.. found the YouTube video for it. This actually happened the other day.. I guess it's true fish bite better when it's raining lmao. Personally I'd need a wardrobe change if this ever happened to me!:P...
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    Brantford Bassing July 11 2012

    Went back to an old faithful spot of mine lastnight for a couple of hours. Minnows were the bait de jour:D Despite the river being warm as soup, the fishing was excellent. Was into the smallies almost immediately. Most of the ones I got were half to 1 lb fish so they were released, it's...
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    Middle of the River Fishing July 1 2012

    Decided to hit an old haunt of mine on the Grand that I have fished since I was 8 yrs old. First thing that shocked me was I stumbled upon someone sleeping on the rocky bank next to the river:0 Second thing that shocked me was how LOW the river is through this stretch. It's the lowest I have...
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    White Perchin' June 30 2012

    Well I was up at 3:00 am to head east to try for some yellow perch. Figured I'd be up in time to have a coffee and breaky before hitting the bait shop then the pier. I guess I didn't get up early enough..[8)] Anyway right off the bat I was into the whites, then it kinda died down near 8am...
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    Bass Opener June 23 2012

    After the wicked heat we all had to endure this week, this morning's cool temps were a welcome relief! :P Anyhooo Packrat and Ollie showed up just after 6am, I hopped in the van and after getting some minnows we headed off to the Grand River in search of smallies. Things started off a bit...
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    Perchin' June 17 2012- Long!

    Well the plan was to do some fishing with dad today however that didn't happen for whatever reason but anyhoooo what I saw today was a first. Decided to head east to see if the perchies were around, figured I'd try and get a few hours in before "impending storm" this afternoon. Anyway I got...
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    Minnow Net Mesh Replacement

    I was just wondering if any of you know where I can get a replacement mesh for my minnow net? I've had it at least 15 yrs if not more and the mesh has just about had it. Tried looking on the web with no luck. It's the standard size net. If I can't get the mesh who has a decent net and not one...
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    Dunnville area May 30 2012

    It's been 2-3 years since I had gone down to Dunnville so decided to pay a visit this morning..:D Glad to see the "kitties" are still around plus everything else. First fish off the bat was a scrappy sheepshead. 30 minutes later my rod buckled under the weight of something heavy. The more it...
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    Birthday Bass..

    :D The smallmouth gods smiled down on me today.. went to a local spot on the Grand this morning cuz I vowed I was going fishing somewhere today and not working haha. Didn't seem to matter a serious cold front moved through.. got one decent smallie 1.5lb or so. Got a handful of really small...
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    Burlington Perch July 31/2011

    Finally got a morning in for fishing... brought dewies and minnows. Really wasn't sure what to expect given it's been hot as hell lately. Anyhooo arrived at the scene of the crime to find all sorts of fish jumping. Wasn't fast and furious but rather steady.. by 10am I had maybe 15 decent perch...
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    Hamilton Burlington Tour July 2 2011

    Did the tour of the shore access points on the bay yesterday.. best I could muster up was a big scale off an equally big carp and a dink perch in Hamilton..:P Saw a number of white perch being caught and at the last spot I went to for the day.. guy down from me landed this big silver thing (...
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    Bass Opener June 2011 Grand River

    Well Packrat and Ollie picked me up at 5:30 and we headed off to our usual haunt for bass opener. They took the "high road" and I took the "low" road. Wasn't long before I was into my first decent smallie of the day.. 30 minutes later Packrat and Ollie joined me and that's when the fun began...
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