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  1. erie feeln

    Wanted Dog Crate

    got myself a new companion after my wifes passing hes a golden ret/collie /sheppard mix bigger puppy
  2. erie feeln

    Wanted dipsey divers

    anybody got some extra dipseys for sale any colour works for me need a new lesson on how to use and run them lol its been so long
  3. erie feeln

    Burwell bust

    Fished this morning from 7 till 100 1 shit head lol the fog was so bad i was scared today couldnt see a thing kreepy lock jaw for us today washed lots of lures and ripplins maybe next time geeze
  4. erie feeln

    burwell winds tomorrow

    pops and i plan to go out monday in 16ft the winds keep changing any help would be great for morning fishing thanks erie feeling (johnny)
  5. erie feeln

    Saugeene River

    does anyone know if its still a 2 fish limit there long drive from btfd
  6. erie feeln

    Wanted Gun barrell to fit 870 Wingmaster

    Looking for a gun barrel to fit an 870 wingmaster that has all chokes for shooting steel thanks Johnny
  7. erie feeln


    getting to be that time of year there was ice in my bird bath Brantford area
  8. erie feeln

    got your letter yet rcmp

    got mine today still going to argue the diameter with chokes u cant fire them without so that's just wrong not getting my stuff
  9. erie feeln

    The Spawn

    With no access to our honey spots do u all feel that this could be good for our spawning fish and it could boost the trout fishing for next season or even more in the lakes
  10. erie feeln

    pier fishing

    can we fish from the piers for trout and at the front of the mout of the rivers or streams
  11. erie feeln

    deer tags

    just did my antlerless tag and deer tag to my surprise after 45 min on phone you cannot use the same email to help out pops who has no computer. so heads up for those who don't you have to go to a service ont or ministry office good luck lots of papers to copy as well so have good ink
  12. erie feeln

    saugeen river

    any boys gals on here that went to Brantford steelheaders derby this weekend on the saugeen who won
  13. erie feeln

    goose shot

    just had an excellent day today oct 20 killed lots of geese but wounded a lot too witch led to fly aways DAM IT im shooting 3 inch heavy metal and blind side what is a great shot or can someone refer me to a shot that will kill
  14. erie feeln

    burwell tomorrow am

    any info on winds tomorrow am burwell going to try in a 16ftr boat seems it might die down
  15. erie feeln

    nanticoke Wednesday 12th

    got into the fish at 45 to 50 ft leadcore worked 6 colour downriggers at 22 ft dipsey worked to but omg that weather man really sucks we bucked 5 to 6 ft rollers wow it took a hour and 45 minutes to get back to the marina limited out seem the fish are liking the smaller baits and a picky bite...
  16. erie feeln

    Nanticoke today

    pops and I fished elbow from 8 till 2 got 9 wallys body baits fish on riggers lead and dipseys 45 to 50 ft chop was fun
  17. erie feeln

    titanic sunk

    today at burwell in a 16 ftr was omg the 6ftrs did me in now I know how one day from the next can change wheew made it back safe at 10am big boats were behind us too today erie showed her strength today 00000 fish no ice burgs but I never watched a boat beside me disappear then ohhhh there they...
  18. erie feeln

    Fishing Report burwell tomorrow

    whats the pink panty look like going to try in am if winds die down new to dipseys so will be a struggle got lead core to 6 an 8
  19. erie feeln

    any bow action and pics

    I haven't done opening day for years to many people hope u all had good luck and caught some dinner or smoker beauties(y)
  20. erie feeln

    browning a5

    dad just bought a browning a5 he not sure if he can shoot 000buckshot out of it with a full choke im saying yes cause its a smooth bore but cannot find nothing on computer that says noooooo frustrated help will be great
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