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    Ojibwa on the way ?

    Maybe they missed the boat....they should have de-commisioned one of the "new" subs they bought at a stupid price from the brits and kept this one in active seems in better nick then the one with the dent in it lol
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    1989 Springbok 16 ft

    Hey Apps are you ready to go to Port Dover tomorrow? What time will you be there,just so I know when to leave here. phone me and leave a message please 905-356-6115 Bob
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    18' Starcraft-75 HP Merc-Gone

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    Bradfeilds bull****!!!!

    Basically instead of turning left into Bradfields ...turn right into BIG OTTER MARINE&CAMPGROUND you're a bit farther up the river so ask about how best to navigate to the bridge...or follow someone....stay to the right until you get to the over hanging branches then make a 45 degree left turn...
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    Burwell... Saturday...

    YUP.....the pics tell it all.....thx for sharing
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    June 23/12 Port Bruce

    Hmmm I guess I'll have to get out of port a little sooner,was there any size to your pics...just wondering...good report.....thx helpfull
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    Weekend Prognosis....

    Hey what I'm going to the weekends and take a day or 2 off during the week...not everyone can do it but I'm going to try
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    Burwell June 7

    Thanks for the update fishy...making plans for over that way soon
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    I can understand the 5 + 5 what would be a good # test for the mono-50# ???
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    fish cleaning

    The solution is easy....catch less fish !
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    Perching with free bait

    I was under the impression,that one could not use gobies as bait.
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    Perch - Port Bruce - May 23rd

    OK,that does it,with a pic like that,I'm heading for Bruce come Monday..please tell the fish to sit right there until I get there Thump
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    Western Basin Walleye Update..........

    WOW great report,looks like everyone had a great time,,even the bandit tc Thump
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    Port bruce this am (SAT)

    Hey Scrimmy,I had 1 of those soft tab tongue was stiff for 4 days
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    dare i ask????

    8 Tags have been caught so I was told,lots more out there to be had,temp is way down though,bite is tough,even with minnows.I'm heading over Sat. morning to see if I can find a tag(I need gas money) lol
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    A Crappie Supper-March 17

    Looks like a heck of a way to spend some close family time enjoy those tasty crappies
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    What am I doing?

    Well here it is...mid-March...this Knock Out Lure Company is STILL un-touchable...I can't order any lures from their site on-line...does anyone have an update on this company?...are they even in business?
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    Simcoe perchin

    Way to go,at least now you know where not to fish,and you'll save gas driving all over the place and just concentrate on the high percentage spots....I'll remember to take my U/W camera to try and screen out the dinks....looks like a nice meal there.
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    Perch derby out of Burwell ?

    Hey SRT8 it might be a good idea to find out if there are any people who don't have a boat that want to go...I may be going stag,not sure might want to make 2 lists....1 with boats...1 without
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    Perch derby out of Burwell ?

    Yup,this is doable
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