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  1. fishing girl pink

    Burwell weather

    Anyone out what’s the lake like. Or Bruce.
  2. fishing girl pink

    Golf ⛳️

    Well didn’t fish today. Went golfing. I’ve only played two times in my life other than mini putt. Well I guess I did ok I beat hubby at this sport today as well. I did put a couple balls in the water lol. But great after dinner night. Sorry not a fishing report.
  3. fishing girl pink

    Made my favourite peeps happy.

    I donated some eyes today to my work. I work at at small retirement home in Woodstock. I have one man who doesn’t eat anything I mean anything. But today he ate a full plate of fish. I had enough for everyone to have seconds. Love my job.
  4. fishing girl pink


    8 eyes in 1.5 hours. 180 back in 60 fow. What a great night. Pink panties with chartreuse back was the ticket. Yes I out fished hubby again. Lol. 5 to 3. But couldn’t ask for a better fishing partner. ❤️🎣
  5. fishing girl pink


    Went out of Bruce this morning. Thought it was going to be flat. Not at all. Nothing for about 45 min. Then a double header. Caught 1 bow 7 eyes. It was flat when we came in. Rented a cottage down there for the weekend had to be out by noon or would have stayed out bit longer. Bow danced like...
  6. fishing girl pink

    Port Glasgow

    Fished Glasgow today was on the water at 530. Went out to 72 fow. Caught 5 eyes and bow. One bow got off right at the back of the boat with a brand new spoon. Did 3 jumps in the air to say see ya later suckers. Lol.
  7. fishing girl pink

    Boy missing @ Turkey Point

    Girl missing turkey point. Last seen on a floating raft. I think she is 6 years old. Opp helicopters and police fire are out looking for her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers tonight. 🙏
  8. fishing girl pink


    Went out of Coldchester on the weekend. We got two really nice eyes. 30”and 8.5 lbs.
  9. fishing girl pink

    Port Bruce

    That’s a scary channel.
  10. fishing girl pink


    Well headed back to coldchester this morning. Hubby got the first fish a goby. I caught the biggest and most fish. Silver bass was not my friend today. Caught way too many and he decided to share his barb hook with me. First time for that. One barb in the fish other in me. Hubby had to cut the...
  11. fishing girl pink

    Erieau help

    Has anyone been to Erieau lately if so where did you launch and what was working. Thinking of heading there tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  12. fishing girl pink


    Went out with my hubby. Had a great day ran worm harness. Caught 3 big eyes. Our problem is other fish like worms too therefore we ran out of worms. Lol.
  13. fishing girl pink

    Turkey point ramp

    They just posted open as of now.
  14. fishing girl pink

    We can fish

  15. fishing girl pink

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all my fishing 🎣 friends. Play safe see you all in the spring.
  16. fishing girl pink

    Lake st clair

    Need info where to launch. Also is it too early for muskie fishing. Thinking of going this weekend to give it a try.
  17. fishing girl pink


    Another great day out on Lake Erie. Day didn’t start off so well. Saw a man fall in at the dock between the dock and the wall. My hubby was able to pull him out. My heart was in my throat. I hope he’s ok. fishing was amazing. Not one fish caught on a lure all crank baits. And yes the dollar...
  18. fishing girl pink

    Limit at Burwell

    Great day out. Got our limit. NASCAR was #1 #2 dollars store rrf best 1.50 I ever spent lol. 3# pink panty. Trolled at 55 to 64. Fow. Trolled at 3 mp. lost 3.
  19. fishing girl pink

    Port Glasgow

    Got our two man limit today. The day started out kind of sketchy I was hungry but McDonald’s isClose and TimPorten was just opening. Thank you waverunner. You always give great info. Fished 59-74 3 mph. NASCAR was our go to. Had no time to put anything else out lol. It was a man on a mission...
  20. fishing girl pink


    Had a great day. Didn’t get a limit but 5 pic 1 bow 1 perch. Too many silvers to count.
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