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    Port Maitland today

    Went out of Maitland early this am. Both riggers got caught in an unmarked gill net in 60 feet of water. No marker buoys within site. After we untangled I snapped a quick Google earth screenshot of the approximate position. MNR has been given the information. Net was running East and West.
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    May 26 Walleye

    Took the gf out to the same lake fishing last evening. She was teasing me because she was catching all the fish. 1 pike and 4 OOS smallies (d**n bass are everywhere there). Then she hooks into a 17" walleye....taunting gets almost unbearable. I mark some nice fish in a hole, so we stop and drift...
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    Evening Walleye

    Headed out after supper this evening with the girlfriend for a little fishing. 15 minutes later and we are starting the boat and headed across the lake. Landed this beauty walleye 25" Ended up with 2 more walleye, 17.75 inches and 16.5 inches. Landed a couple nice pike in the 3-5 lb range...
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    Today's bows on the Island

    Went out with a buddy from Hamilton and my boss from work for some rainbows on the Island. Started off the trip with 3 deer running out in front of the truck..a doe and twin fawns. Tried to snap off a couple of pics but this is all I got. Well we launched the boat and headed to the...
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    Northern Bows

    Got out on the soft water off of Manitoulan Island today. Beautiful day on the water! By buddy caught this 8lb male about 3pm. I missed a smaller bow then landed this 28" hen about 4pm. (my buddy is new to using a Blackberry as a cam so the picture isnt the greatest lol! Hoping to get back...
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    New Years Day

    Well I have moved up to Sudbury for work..and heard there isnt any hardwater down south yet so I figured I'd share a pic. Caught this speck on the opening day just outside of Sudbury. We have approx 8" of good ice here now! Hoping to get out for more this weekend!
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    Recently relocated to Sudbury for work. Had the opportunity to come back to Hamilton for the weekend so a buddy and I decided to go perching off of Hastings. Launched around 530 am off the beach and made sure I parked off the road and wasn't obscuring any potential ramps or accesses. To make a...
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    Some perch eye candy

    Went out the day before the storm, launched at Bayfront Park and we started searching. Found the fish finally but the bite was so light you would swear you had a dink hitting........wrong!!! Only caught 1 perch under 9. Took home 30 for the frying pan. Yes I know some of you call these...
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    Some pics from the Holidays

    Ok fishing wasn't as good as it usually is up north. Stupid weather kept fluctuating so much that most fish were shut down. First pike trip with 3 of us 2 pike were caught (I was skunked that day) Went back to same small lake the next day...and I got zip again....was starting to wonder...
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    Off to bed..speckies open in the morning and hope to get into them! Happy New Years all!!!!!! Be safe on the ice!
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    Elliot Lake

    Drove all the way up here and forgot the cord to plug my camera and phone into laptop. So far we've caught 2 nice pike yesterday and one large OOS laker today. Posted pics from my Blackberry via mobile upload to facebook, but no app to do that for here! Ice ranges from 4" to 8" depending on the...
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    Ice Fishing

    Yee haww...headed to Elliot Lake at 4am. Should be drilling a couple holes on my favourite splake spot by noon. Lakers and speckies open Jan 1st, but splake are open all year round. Will post some pics of the awesome scenery soon as I get to my laptop! Be safe out there!!!!
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    Tonights local perch

    Went out for 1 1/2 hours after work. Perch in 30 ft water. Were throwing back fish under 10". got a few good feeds....oh ya...any guesses on when they stopped making stubbies????? Guessing 5-6 lbs of fillet!!!! Before you ask...yes...I am going to eat it all and smile!!!
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    Mixed bag

    Went out to our usual spot to kill off a day. What a great day! Total mixed bag. Smallmouth, largemouth, catfish, one small shad and a bunch of nice perch! Caught 4 over 12" and kept a bunch 10"+. Let go a bunch that most would have kept, but hey we arent greedy! Low cost trip with high end...
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    Some local perch

    Went out after work...10 minute drive ...then 10 minutes by boat (14' with 8hp). Not much to say...let the pictures do the talking. Fished about 1 1/2 hours. 3 lb bow was a nice surprise!!!
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