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    River Bass 2...

    Spent the day at the river again today - we tend to fish there a lot. Switched it up a bit; we always see big carp swimming around, and lots of them. My son always asks if we can catch them, so today we brought along some worms and corn and set up in a popular carp hangout. Within just a few...
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    River Bass!!

    Excellent day today! Decided to stay closer to home and hit one of the local rivers with my son. Last time down to Erie the lake was rolling a bit and the little guy was turning green after about 20-minutes - didn't want a repeat of that. Got going a litte bit later than usual, and with the...
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    Anyone intereted in getting in on a charter?

    Anyone else longing to get out there with all these great reports coming in? Hoping to get a few guys together for afternoon on Sunday August 5th. Let me know if you want in.
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    Greg - Minnows?

    Greg - what's the minnow situation like for the morning?
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    Weekend Prognosis....

    So what are the 'seasoned veterans' thoughts on prognosis for perch this weekend? Not too keen on winds of 15 knots; Please correct me if I'm wrong, but from the south-west is fairly positive for Port Bruce? Hoping to head down. The kids really want to come also. A
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    Inner Bay action??

    Lovin' the reports from Burwell and Bruce, unfortunately our boat is just too small to get out there safely. Anything going on in the inner bay these days? My son and I have the whole day to ourselves on Saturday and he's asking to go back down there. Hoping someone can let me know if its...
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    Inner Bay - Perch?

    Hey guys - how are the perch doing in the inner bay these days? Was down a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good... Thinking of bringing BOTH kids down on Saturday (Yikes - I know!) but our daughter will do better if I don't have to venture out very far. Arnold - have you been out lately...
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    Fishing Statistics

    An interesting recent post on this forum made reference to fewer childeren learning to fish. I have no opinion on the post itself and have no intention of singling out the poster, however it intrigued me since I read in the most recent issue of In-Fisherman that number of anglers is actually...
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    Transom replacement - All Done!

    Tore apart the transom on my Legend 1468 on Saturday. Boat is only about 5 years old and wood was still in fairly good shape, but wanted to raise the transom to accommodate a long shaft motor, rather than mounting motor to the plate that was bolted to transom. Anyway, just about finished...
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    Trailer tongue - swing vs. removable

    Anyone modified their trailer themselves? Would make more room in the garage - can't decide whether to add one of those 'swing-away' hinge kits, or just cut tongue and weld in a sleeve with a couple pins in the other side.
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    Hi everyone, New to this forum. Really enjoyed fishing as a kid; took a fairly lenghtly hiatus during university, then to start a family / career. Picked up a rod again just a few years ago through a series of coincidences. Didn't realize how much I had missed it - now that our son is...
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