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  1. smokercraft 17.5


    Where your at ?
  2. smokercraft 17.5


    How much for deck ?
  3. smokercraft 17.5

    How to fillet a walleye, cheeks and wings

    Cool never heard of that thanks
  4. smokercraft 17.5

    My boat restoration

    Good on you nice setup
  5. smokercraft 17.5

    Timber Wolf Lodge update.

    Nice jimmy say hi to the Wallace’s for me from the good kirby lol cheers
  6. smokercraft 17.5

    Sold Marine Batteries!! SOLD!!!

    Are they both deepcycle would they be good for a trolling motor and how old are they thanks
  7. smokercraft 17.5

    Lost Channel

    Hey Moocow was just up there for a week out of port loring fished outside weeds 10 to 15 ft did well bb with spinners and worms worked well Wilson is where it's at or if u found a camp named smokey is good fishing as well ,lakers are down in main channel of Wilson lake if u talk with the bait...
  8. smokercraft 17.5

    winterizing my etech, piece of cake

    etecs r great did my 115 in the lane way last week ready for storage till next year nice and easy love it
  9. smokercraft 17.5

    Bunk Guides??

    Next week lol
  10. smokercraft 17.5

    ice/water conditions

    bucketsoff why post at all if u know it all , we are just trying to help with some info nut u don't need help by the sounds of it good luck on the water be safe (y)
  11. smokercraft 17.5

    Fishing Report - Mayan Riviera March 20

    hey stomp was at coba in January and yes the food was great and staff was cool we were going to try fishing but the girls won the battle next time for sure cool videos thanks Kirby
  12. smokercraft 17.5

    Any Ice yet!

    yupper heading to riviera mayan Monday hope when we get back theres a safe amount of ice in the bay cheers boyz
  13. smokercraft 17.5


    where abouts is that
  14. smokercraft 17.5

    57 inch... 50+ lb. Musky caught by 8 year old boy

  15. smokercraft 17.5

    Tagged out

    great job guys those r some studs there very nice
  16. smokercraft 17.5

    boat cleaning

    slimy grimy mix with hot water and watch it work iust did my 23ft in less then an hour
  17. smokercraft 17.5

    release issue

    what # is the elastic u guys use for the boards 32 or 64 might be guessing there thanks kirb
  18. smokercraft 17.5

    anyone been out in the bay yet

    just wondering if any one has been out perchin in the bay I would think all the ice is blow out to the lakeside going to be some nice weather coming up and is there any ramps open yet thanks kirb
  19. smokercraft 17.5

    lake simcoe here we come

    well guys had a great trip the weather was great the bungalow was great and warm the fishing sucked but fun was had by all next trip sleds and gas auger a must but live and learn would of been nice to try for some lakers and whites but next trip thanks to my sweet wife 4 the trip a great bday...
  20. smokercraft 17.5

    lake simcoe here we come

    hey guys been a long old winter have been only able to get out ones with mr walleye on the bay with my birthday coming out number 1 had a trick up her sleeve and planed a trip to go stay on the ice in simcoe , this is something ive want to do for a while but 2 young kids and busy working it...
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