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  1. BluNsr

    Dog Training Collar

    Like new RedHead RH1200 dog training collar, excellent condition, barely used. $150
  2. BluNsr

    For Sale Downrigger Rods

    I have 2 - 8 1/2 Ft. Bell FX855 composite Strikemaster downrigger Rods with Penn 209 (Made in USA) reel. Good condition $100 ea
  3. BluNsr

    It was only a matter of time

    It's here gang, the Asian Carp will have a dramatic impact on our fishery in the future I'm sure. Sad to see this but I suspected it was going to happen at some point.
  4. BluNsr

    fishing Nanticoke thursday

    Strong winds next few days, I would heed the warnings and cut the lawn. I have been caught a few times out at Nanticoke and it ain't much fun. Environment Canada has a Strong Wind Warning in effect for at least next two days.........Stay safe...
  5. BluNsr

    Couple of Bruce Fatties

    Awesome, the only way those dish would look better is in the deep fryer
  6. BluNsr

    Claira the Crappie Crusher Bonin!

    Wow, those pics are just priceless! I love the side shots of her and the pick rod bent over, some solid fish there. Well done and thanks for sharing. I always enjoy fishing with my key da even though they are adult or almost bit can remembers days like this......... You right, those memories...
  7. BluNsr

    Inner Bay July 28

    Great product pics, always an awesome day fishing with your kids! Congrats
  8. BluNsr

    Largemouth July 27/29

    Nice buckets! Not bad for a few hours either. Were you flipping jigs or top water?
  9. BluNsr

    St.Clair Musky 7/18+19

    Wow, great haul, thanks for sharing!
  10. BluNsr

    Had one of the best days this year!

    Awesome day! Great pics. Love to see the start to finish journey.
  11. BluNsr

    Largemouth Aug 9

    Thanks Spillard- I was chucking a Chartruese with Colorado blade and my son was throwing a white one with silver willow leaf blades but no luck - oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. It was still a great paddle around the inner bay weeds in the canoe on a beauty Saturday morning- haven't...
  12. BluNsr

    Largemouth Aug 9

    What colour spinnerbaits and blades were you using........ I was out this morning and couldn't get a take on Spinners but I was working the weeds in the inner bay in my canoe out front of Big Creek so not same area. We saw lots and hooked a couple on top water but not much of a bite this...
  13. BluNsr

    Largemouth June 26

    A couple of great bucketmouths for sure...... One of my fav fishing is buckets on Top Water!
  14. BluNsr

    June 26th Smallies

    Great video Tubby!
  15. BluNsr

    Smallies n Pike......

    Both nice fish guys!
  16. BluNsr

    Boat Top

    Appreciate the additional options. I am sure one of these will do the trick! See you on the water soon
  17. BluNsr

    Boat Top

    Darn autocorrect!
  18. BluNsr

    Boat Top

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am a believer that you can pay now or later and cheaping put on something like this just frustrates you down the road. My current top is long past due and is a hassle e erythema I touch it. I just want it to work and last.
  19. BluNsr

    Boat Top

    I am looking to get a new boot top and wondered if anyone has any recomended spots in the Norfolk area where I can get a reasonable and good job done. My top is on its last legs and needs replacing. Thanks in advance.........
  20. BluNsr

    Nanticoke Hydro Fishing

    Fished the Hydro outflow Tuesday PM 3 - 7PM approx. Nothing happening! Saw some fish jumping but no takers and not marking anything on the finder......Water temp was 76F with the lake temp about 67F...... First time I have fished there in a few years and I was suspect about going there with the...
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