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    More "Walk Out" Blinds for 2013

    Hello Guys, I know that this suggestion may be a bit late to present to the Board of Directors but I would be interested in your comments. As I was recovering from a bout of the flu earlier this week I spent some time reflecting on what we have and how we could improve on what we have here at...
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    Ice at Long Point - 1212

    Hello Guys, Just an update on my post from the morning of December 22 (see the "Still No Birds" thread). Although there was little (if any) ice around at the time that I prepared my post the ice did start forming later in the morning along the shoreline and extending out 25 to 50 yards in...
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    Wanted - Savage 303 Ammunition

    Hello Guys, I just received an e-mail from my brother requesting information on any dealer selling Savage 303 ammunition. The following is part of his e-mail: Norah’s grandfather in Owen Sound has an old 303 rifle, passed down to him, a ‘303 Savage’ rifle, and it uses 303 “Savage” cartridges...
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    Long Point Causeway Project

    Hello Guys, I was hoping that someone from the LPWA Board of Directors would be able to enlighten me as to where we as an organization stand regarding this project ... this very expensive project. I attended the initial public "open house" meeting at the Port Rowan Community Center a few years...
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    Divers are Down

    Hello Guys, The "divers" are down at Long Point. They must have taken advantage of that cold front with the north wind that slipped through here on Friday night and Saturday morning. I saw four separate rafts in the Inner Bay but outside of the unit on Saturday afternoon. Jerome
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    Fund Raising for Crown Marsh?

    Hello Guys, Are we raising funds for the Crown Marsh by way of a silent auction at the Waterfowl Management Unit again this year? I have recently received my second order of Tundra Swan decoys and I am willing to donate one of them to the Waterfowl Management Unit for the silent auction. These...
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    New Canada Goose Shells For Sale

    Hello Guys, I was not sure if one can advertise personal property for sale on this forum but I have noticed a few boats for sale recently. I have 24 new Carry-Lite Canada Goose shells that I bought at Le Baron's at $129.95 per dozen for a total of $293.69 (HST included) that I would sell for...
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    Mute Swans - Long Point

    Hello Guys, I thought that you may be interested in my recent observations. Over the past few days I have seen between 10 and 24 adult Mute Swans in the Inner Bay of Long Point Bay while only looking from inside my kitchen. I have generally seen between 18 and 20 adult Mute Swans (the 10 and...
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    National Fish & Wildlife Conservation Congress

    798 Highway 59, RR 3 Port Rowan, Ontario N0E 1M0 May 13, 2012 Mr. B. Blackwell President Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters P.O. Box 2800 Peterborough, Ontario K9J 8L5 Re: Proposal for a Tundra Swan Recreational Harvest in the Province of Ontario Dear Mr. B. Blackwell: I am writing...
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    Tundra Swan Proposal and Results of Survey

    798 Highway 59, RR 3 Port Rowan, Ontario N0E 1M0 April 20, 2012 Re: Proposal for a Tundra Swan Recreational Harvest - Update and Results of Survey Dear Mr. J. Malcolm: Further to my letter of March 05, 2011 regarding my proposal for a Tundra Swan recreational harvest in the Province of...
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    Mourning Doves

    Hello Guys, I saw a few Mourning Doves this morning in my backyard. I guess spring is here and the hundreds of Tundra Swans that stayed here at Long Point over the winter will be heading north sooner than later. The inner bay was ice free yesterday afternoon and the thin layer of ice that...
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    Specklebelly Geese at Long Point

    Hello Guys, Has anyone ever seen any Specklebelly Geese at Long Point? Jerome PS I just posted the following response under the question about coots. Hello Dotcom, The Tundra Swans (TUSW) are still here ... I see about 160 to 180 of them every night and early morning out my back. In fact I...
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    Update on Ice Conditions at Long Point

    Hello Guys, I thought that I would start this thread regarding the ice conditions at Long Point for those of you who have to travel a distance to get here. As of this afternoon there was no ice. Jerome
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    Port Rowan Park

    Hello Guys, I am a member of the Port Rowan Park Committee that was formed in May of 2008 to develop a plan for a new park to be located on the Norfolk property overlooking the Inner Bay. After three and a half years of meetings the Port Rowan Park Committee just had a press release this...
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    Hoeppner - Only One Party Will Kill It

    Only one party will kill it: Hoeppner By HAROLD CARMICHAEL, THE SUDBURY STAR Posted 4 hours ago If you want to get rid of the federal Long-Gun Registry, elect Conservatives on May 2, says the MP who introduced the unsuccessful private...
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    Canadian Wildlife Service - Tundra Swan Harvest

    20 Balsam Trail, RR 1 Port Rowan, Ontario N0E 1M0 March 30, 2011 Mr. J. Hughes Head of Population Management Canadian Wildlife Service Environment Canada 335 River Road Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H3 Re: Proposal for a Tundra Swan Recreational Harvest in the Province of Ontario Dear Mr. J. Hughes...
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    Waterfowl Heritage Days

    20 Balsam Trail, RR 1 Port Rowan, Ontario N0E 1M0 February 01, 2011 Mr. J. Hughes Canadian Wildlife Service Environment Canada 335 River Road Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H3 Re: Proposal for "Waterfowl Heritage Days" in the Province of Ontario Dear Mr. J. Hughes: I am writing to present a proposal...
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    Tundra Swan Harvest Presentation

    Proposal for a Tundra Swan Recreational Harvest Dear Waterfowl Hunters: The Trumpeter Swan and the Tundra Swan are migratory game birds and the hunting of them is permitted under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Following the passage of this Act in 1918 recreational hunting of these...
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    Annual General Meeting - Tundra Swan Harvest

    Hello Everyone, I presented four (4) proposals last fall for consideration by the Ontario Waterfowl Advisory Committee (OWAC) and I posted these proposals within this forum for your consideration. 1) My proposal for a Mourning Dove harvest in the Province of Ontario received overall support...
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    Proposal for Mute Swans in Canada

    Hello Everyone: I have enclosed a copy of my letter to Mr. J. Hughes regarding a proposal to remove Mute Swans from the List of Protected Species. My proposal should be able to be on the agenda for the next Ontario Waterfowl Advisory Committee meeting to be held during the third week of...
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